Best VPNs for Safe Traveling Abroad

Best VPNs for Safe Traveling Abroad

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It’s hard to exist in the digital world today without a proper VPN app. A VPN is a technology that literally masks your Internet journey, allowing you to visit sites that are not available in your place. Once you activate a VPN, the program creates an imaginary profile of a person in another country where the desired site is allowed. Today, we’re going to share with you the 5 best VPN services to use abroad.

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At the same time, speaking of VPNs, the legality of use is not limited in most of the countries, but if you are traveling abroad, you need to choose a VPN particularly carefully.

1. PureVPN

PureVPN has a reputation as one of the best and most reliable services available for all devices. This VPN has an impressive list of features, including a self-managed server in hundreds of countries and a wide choice of protocols, torrent support, DNS and even a smart emergency switch, in case of hacking.

2. iTop VPN

Service for computers and smartphones in the free version has a traffic limit of 700 MB per day. There are 16 servers available for connection in several countries, which are suitable for different purposes including playing games and streaming, using social networks and messengers. The program operates without account registration and additional configuration, all you need is to install and run the connection with the button.

3. Hotspot Shield

One of the most popular VPN services in the world. The application has a fairly user-friendly interface that you won’t have to deal with for a long time. In Hotspot Shield the daily amount of traffic is limited, but the time of use can be extended. In the free version, you cannot select the server manually. Programs installed on your device can be put on an exclusion list so that they can connect without a VPN. The developers claim that all user activity on the web is confidential.

4. NordVPN

Virtual Private Network positions itself as a full-fledged service to protect your data, providing security and anonymity online, as well as access to any blocked content in the region, torrents and P2P. The company is based in Panama, has its own powerful servers around the world and guarantees high security and speed at the most affordable price.

5. ExpressVPN

This app is designed exclusively for mobile devices running Android and iOS. VPN Super has no traffic limits. The program has a fairly simple interface, where the connection is made just with a click of a button, the service doesn’t require registering an account. Also, users remain in incognito mode, where the history of actions is not displayed.

We recommend that you choose your VPN attentively, because it affects the security of your data. It may be a good idea to test a few applications to find the right one for you.