Where Can I Buy Carnations in Bulk?

Buy Carnations in Bulk

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Carnation is one of the most popular and sought-after flowers. Its openwork petals, light floral-woody aroma and unique variety of colors delight. For centuries, the buds of this beauty have had both bloody and love interpretations. They accompanied travelers, protected from evil spirits, decorated vases of palaces and palaces.

Today, carnation boldly complements luxurious bouquets for a variety of events. Weddings are decorated with it and grief is expressed with its help. Due to the specific symbolism, the use of carnations in bouquets should be done wisely and carefully.

How to Use Bulk Carnations?

Whether the bouquet will be mourning or festive, whether it will evoke positive emotions or repel a person – this largely depends on the professionalism of the florist who works on the composition.

In order for the bouquet to be really spectacular and please with its beauty for a long time, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • carnations look more impressive in strict bouquets of a spiral or round shape;
  • combine this flower only with resistant plants, because otherwise the bouquet may partially fade;
  • in a flower composition, carnations can be combined with peonies or lisianthus, and they look expensive if combined with lilies and roses;
  • compositions decorated with decorative elements and ribbons will also be noble.
  • as packaging it is worth using special gift paper or a box;
  • to make the bouquet more relaxed and cheerful, it is advisable to complement the work with greenery.

When choosing shades, it is important to remember that there can be only one accent in a bouquet. Compositions with several shades consonant with each other, for example, pink or blue, look expensive. Works are also admired, where bright red or eggplant inflorescences stand out against the background of pastel and airy buds.

In ancient times, each of the shades had its own message, which is why the composition of bouquets was treated quite carefully and scrupulously. Today, such things are not given so much attention, but when choosing a bouquet, you should still take into account the possible hidden meaning.

White carnations symbolize trust and sincerity of feelings. Reds and pinks speak of gratitude, passion and love. Striped flowers can hint at the termination of absolutely any relationship. Turkish varieties express sympathy for the opposite sex.

Of course, the meaning can change dramatically when using other plants and decorative ornaments. In order for the meaning to be accurate, and the gift to leave the right impression, you should not use only one color!

Where Is the Best Place to Order Carnations in Bulk?

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