Celebs in Rolling Stones Tongue Tees

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It has become the  unmistakle logo of the rock band The Rolling Stones, no we aren’t talking about Mick Jagger’s swagger but instead the giant red lips and tongue logo that has graced many rock fans t-shirts, posters and other art pieces over the years!

The Rolling Stones’ tongue logo  has a controversial design history, and is said to have been inspired by   Mick Jagger’s mouth. Whatever the true story is the logo is now just as instantly recognizable as the Rolling Stones’ classic songs. 

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Rolling Stones Official Script Tongue T-Shirt

It seems like The Rolling Stones (by Junk Food) trend will never end. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba won’t stop wearing the Classic Tongue print tees. This week Michelle Trachtenberg was seen in this Classic Rolling Stones T-shirt.  She looks comfortable and yet stylish.  You can find the t-shirts in various styles and colors  and good quality fabrics from 80sTees.com, ranging in price from $20 – $30.


Rolling Stones Men's Tour 78 T-Shirt Black

Or find them on Amazon from the brand rolling stones store in various combinations included distressed, leopard and colorful variations.


Rolling Stones Official Script Tongue T-Shirt

Rolling Stones Shirts are gender neutral and a must-have for any true Stones fan!


Rolling Stones Classic Leopard Tongue T-Shirt


Rolling Stones U.S. Tour 1978 T-Shirt

Official Rolling Stones Gradient Tongue T-Shirt