How To Dress Up Your Tees

Dress Up Tshirt

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The basic T-shirt is the most versatile piece in a woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn simply and casually by itself or spruced up with other pieces from your closet. One of the most famous red carpet fashion moments in the history of the Academy Awards occurred in 1996 when actress Sharon Stone paired a simple black T-shirt with a Valentino skirt. It was simple, chic, and inspired. Following are some ideas to help you make the most of a basic t-shirt.

Add a Scarf

Scarves are one of the biggest trends today and they can add a little stylish twist to a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit. In fact, a plain t-shirt is one of the best bases to wear under a prettily draped scarf, as it won’t fight with it for attention. When choosing a scarf, look for ones with pretty colors or that boast interesting patterns. You can just drape the scarf casually around your neck or — even better — take some time to learn the different ways you can layer your scarf around your neck and shoulders. There are a number of YouTube videos and guides online that can show you interesting and attractive ways to drape a scarf over your t-shirt.

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Wear Your T-shirt Under Something

If you want to make your t-shirt appear more formal or just look a little jazzier, throw a vest, cardigan, or jacket over it. A t-shirt worn under an unconstructed blazer will give you a look that is both dressy and casually cool at the same time. This is a style that actor Don Johnson made famous in the 1980s in the popular television series, “Miami Vice.” Worn with a short skirt, an unconstructed blazer and t-shirt works equally well for a woman.

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Wear Your T-shirt with Leggings

Pair an oversized t-shirt with leggings and then wear a loose belt over it to give the shirt a little shape. For the best look, make sure that the t-shirt is long enough to cover your rear.

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Pair Your T-shirt with the Unexpected

No one expected an actress to walk the Academy Awards red carpet in a simple t-shirt paired with an expensive designer skirt, but that is exactly what Sharon Stone did, and it created an immediate buzz. Fans and the media were excited to see how something as simple as a t-shirt – something that almost everyone owns – could be elevated to high fashion, just by wearing it with something beautiful.

You can do something similar by tucking a nice t-shirt into wool slacks or wear it with a pretty skirt. Adding jewelry, such as a nice necklace and earrings, to your ensemble will give it a finished, polished look.

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The great thing about your basic t-shirt is that it is a lot like vanilla ice cream. It makes a great base for all the fun stuff, but is also wonderful when enjoyed alone. When working with a t-shirt as a base, allow your creative side to run free and you will be awarded with a great outfit that didn’t cost you a lot.

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How To Dress Up Your Tees