The Most Extraordinary Spa Treatments In The World

Extraordinary Spa Treatments

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The therapeutic effect of massage has been known since ancient times. It was made for warriors to speed up recovery from combat wounds, for children to strengthen muscles and ligaments, for rulers to prolong life. What kind of massages are done in different countries of the world today and what interesting and unusual spa treatments can be found in different parts of the world?


If you are an adherent of the philosophy that the physical and spiritual aspects should come together, then you will definitely like this spa treatment and massage in Dubai, which focus on alternative therapies. Sea holistic massage will help to remove waste and toxins from the body, relieve accumulated tension and delight with the harmony of mind and body.

Golf lovers can now enjoy not only the aristocratic game, but also the massage with these smallest balls. Meet: another unusual discovery of cosmetologists, which is now successfully used in the world of spa treatments, has now become available thanks to the available tools of all lovers of the famous game. The thing is that golf balls are ideal for massage due to their shape. They are great for relieving muscle tension and joint pain.


Amma massage is unique in that the client does not need to take off his clothes or lie down anywhere. During the amma massage, the person is in a sitting position, and the specialist touches the body parts of the back half of the body (“yang”). It is believed that by protecting the front of the torso (“yin”) with chair cushions, a sense of security is enhanced, and a person relaxes faster. The specialist works not only with the fingers, but also with the palms, elbows and even knees.


During the session of traditional Thai therapeutic massage the client remains dressed and lies down on a thin mat or carpet. The specialist during work uses the strength of the elbows, forearms, legs and thumbs.

Thai oil massage is also well known. Before starting the procedure, the client’s skin is lubricated with an individually selected essential oil. Then the Thai therapist rubs the muscles, after which he presses the body at certain points, and at the end of the session, he performs simple stretching manipulations.

Those who have very little free time should pay attention to Thai foot massage. A serious therapeutic effect is achieved due to the effect on the active points of the feet.

Many have heard of massage with herbal pouches, which is considered one of the methods of traditional Thai medicine. The use of a special mixture of herbs (ginger, turmeric, kaffir lime, sage) allows you to achieve maximum relaxation.


Coconut oil is used in traditional Balinese massage. The master utilizes pressing, patting, and rubbing actions on the elbows and inner surfaces of the palms during the massage. He acts on biologically significant spots of the body with his thumbs, initiating the recuperation process. Intensive blood flow ensures that tissues are oxygenated and that muscle tension is relieved. Oxygenated blood penetrates all muscles and organs, revitalizing them and stimulating them to work harder. The procedure eliminates migraines, relieves headaches, helps to cope with insomnia, improves immunity, helps with gastrointestinal diseases and is useful for heart failure.  Our favorite travel agent – The Casual Nomad – has been to Bali and loves getting Balinese massages.


“Hilot” massage is performed by various improvised means. Special heated stones, banana leaves, wooden balls rubbed with coconut oil. Filipino massage therapists say that with stones and wood, not only a relaxing, but also a strengthening effect is achieved. During the Filipino massage procedure, the entire back, legs, feet are worked out, with special emphasis on the forearms and sacral region, since these areas are the most problematic. The master begins to work out all these zones with his thumbs.


Dao Liao is the most dangerous massage in the world. This knife therapy is an ancient art dating back over 2000 years. This practice came from monks in ancient China. Fast chopping movements are present in many types of massage. But in Dao Liao, “cutting” is done with real blades. From the outside, this looks like a dangerous trick, but in skillful hands, such manipulations awaken the Chi energy.


Hawaiian massage “Lomi-Lomi” relieves stress, panic attacks, improves memory, sharpens perception, normalizes blood pressure, reduces pain of various origins. The master uses not only the pads and phalanges of the fingers, but also the palms, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and even wooden sticks and stones.

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In Mexico, massage plays a decisive role in sage aroma oils, which are mixed in equal proportions with tequila, and then the whole mixture is applied to the back in the form of a compress. Masters say that the upper layers of the skin are cleansed and the body is saturated with antioxidants. Many years of research by scientists have proven that the agave plant is rich in various vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements.


Ayurvedic massage, famous for its spiritual aura of burning incense and aromatherapy of heated herbal oils, was created on the basis of natural ingredients almost 5000 years ago. These massages are tailored to your body type, often with the help of an Ayurvedic massage therapist who selects the herbs and oils that are best for you.