From Limp to Luxurious: 4 Secrets of Fixing Flat Hair

fixing flat hair

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Are you tired of flat and lifeless hair? Yeah, sure, everybody has bad hair days – but we’re betting that in your case, it’s more often ‘bad hair months’ rather than ‘bad hair days.’ Dull, lifeless hair is one of the most frustrating beauty problems to have.

If you think your hair just can’t seem to get any bounce, shine, or volume, then read on for our secret list of things you can do when fixing flat hair.

1. Conditioning Correctly

Conditioner is vital to repairing damaged hair. After shampooing, apply the conditioner and comb it through with your fingers to detangle and evenly distribute. Be sure to focus on the ends of the hair, as this helps to avoid additional breakage and split ends.

The longer you allow the conditioner to stay in your hair, the more effective it is. Additionally, using a hair mask once a week helps repair hair from further damage while restoring its natural shine.

2. Towel Drying

Towel drying is one of the most important steps in flat hair fix and transforming it from limp to luxurious. After showering, avoid roughly rubbing wet hair with a towel – this can cause further damage. Instead, wrap the hair in a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt, which can help to reduce frizz.

Avoid rubbing the towel through your hair, as this can remove moisture from the strands, leaving it limp and lifeless. Do not over-dry your hair either; once hair is initially damp, it is ready for styling. If desired, you can spritz it with a nourishing spray to add extra moisture and shine.

3. Using Blow Dry Techniques

Start by making sure your hair is at least dry before you add any products – try spraying a dry shampoo to give extra hold to the hair shaft. When blow-drying, use the diffuser and concentrate on drying the roots first – setting the base right is important.

Once you have dried the roots, you can begin to add extra body. Keep blowdrying around the crown of your head and use your hands to lift and define. Use the lowest heat setting you can and keep the nozzle at least four inches away from the hair.

4. Using the Right Hair Volume Tools

The right hair volume tools can transform flat long hair, limp hair into luxurious locks. The first secret is to get the right brush. A round hair brush is perfect for adding body and bounce to the hair. Blow dryers with special volumizing attachments are a must-have tool for big, bouncy hairstyles.

The next secret is to use a volume-boosting mousse. Mousse helps the hair retain its volume while blow drying. Make sure to checkout this hair volume tool if you want a big, gorgeous volume for your hair.

This tool should be used in combination with a root lift spray to give the most lift and volume. Using these four simple secrets, you can easily transform flat, limp, and lifeless hair into luxurious, voluminous locks.

Explore the Secrets of Fixing Flat Hair Today

Summing up, the four secrets of fixing flat hair include using a good quality shampoo, deep conditioning, volumizing products, and using advanced styling tools. By taking this approach immediately followed by continuing with a good routine, anyone can have lustrous, luxurious locks!

Try these tips today to get the hair you’ve always wanted!

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