Best Groomsmen Gift Watches

groomsmen watch gift

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My boyfriend Marc had no hesitation about who he wanted to stand up for him as groomsmen at our wedding. His brother was going to be the Best Man. His oldest friend, along with his college roommate were the other no-brainer choices. This was his wedding Dream Team of Groomsmen.

While his brother was local to us, his other two friends had moved two time zones away. Of course, everyone was eager to participate in our special day and readily agreed to be in the wedding.

My now-husband was over the moon that his best buddies would all be there to celebrate a major milestone in his life. But as the day drew closer, it started nagged at my husband what a big commitment of time and finances it was for his best buddies to be part of our nuptials.

He really wanted to find a truly special way to show them his appreciation for their participation in the ceremony, to commemorate this special day, and honor their years of amazing friendship. 

After much debate, he finally settled on giving groomsmen gifts of time in the form of a watch. But it couldn’t just be any watch. It needed to be unique and reflect the timelessness of their friendship.

He decided on gifts from a stunning collection of wooden watches by Urban Designer. These eco-friendly watches are made from gorgeous reclaimed wood and handmade by artisan craftsmen. The natural wood color made it easy to see all of the guys wearing it with all their outfits and different styles of dress. There are three different collections including Classic, Bow-Tie, and Custom, which gave my hubby a wide variety of options and choices.

He also loved that he could add personalized engravings and graphics that made the groomsman gift extra-special by making them personalized gifts for men.

Now when my husband sees any of the groomsmen he’s always delighted that they are still wearing their watches. Inevitably, one of them will ask, “Hey, what time is it?” It’s like their own inside joke. Their watches are a special bond that ties them together forever and lets them remember the day and how strong their friendship is. 

So, whether you’re in search of a unique gift idea to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, reunion, graduation, promotion, or holidays such as Christmas and New Year, custom wooden watches or wooden rings from Urban Designer bring unforgettable memories.