How Should a Christian Woman Dress? A Style Guide

How Should a Christian Woman Dress

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Did you know that 34% of people consider clothing a major expense?

Clothing is a necessity, whether you shell out big bucks for it or not. However, it can also be a representation of your beliefs.

As a Christian, it can be difficult to dress for not only yourself but God as well. Many are often left wondering: how should a Christian woman dress?

We’re here to help you answer that question! Keep reading the guide below to learn how to dress as a Christian woman.  

How Should a Christian Woman Dress: Modesty

Modesty is a term that is often brought up with regard to women’s style. However, it’s important to consider what modesty really means.

Modesty extends to men and women, and it is important to remember that it is ultimately an act of highlighting God instead of your own image.

Dressing modestly means dressing so as to not boast about yourself. Of course, this can often mean modesty is somewhat subjective. Use your judgment when choosing modest pieces for your wardrobe.

Promoting God

If you want to take your wardrobe a step further, incorporate God-centered pieces! There are plenty of Christian-run clothing brands blowing up, and many of them are very stylish.

SACRIZE, for example, creates trendy faith-centered pieces for men and women. You can find stylish shirts with metallic prints and minimalist designs.

You don’t have to compromise your personal style to blend your faith into your wardrobe. Many Christian designers are taking inspiration from popular styles, such as street fashion, and making contemporary pieces that promote God at the same time!

Mindful Shopping: Dressing Ethically

When choosing clothing, you should be mindful of how that clothing is being made. Fast fashion has made it easy to purchase cheap, comfy clothes, but do you know how exactly they’re being made?

Of course, we all want to feel comfortable in our clothing. But make sure your comfort isn’t at the expense of others.

As you shop, seek out responsibly-sourced clothing companies. Giving your money to morally-sound companies will ensure the people making the clothes are being treated fairly and equally.

As a Christian, you should make each decision purposeful. By choosing responsibly-sourced clothing, you’re looking out for your neighbors and supporting ethical brands.

Enjoying Your Style

If you’re still asking yourself “How should a Christian woman dress?”, consider your current style.

Many of us take joy from styling a beautiful outfit. Find the styles and designs that make you feel happy and build on that.

Your Christian style should highlight what you find beautiful about fashion. God can be found everywhere—even the outfits you plan out every morning. Use your faith and intuition to find clothing that makes you feel energized and ready to commit to your religion!

Getting Started

It can be difficult to balance fashion and a faith-filled lifestyle. However, with the guide above, you’ll no longer have to ask “How should a Christian woman dress?” You can start building your own God-inspired wardrobe!

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