How to Find What Color Looks Good on You and Flatters Your Skin Tone

what color looks good on you

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When you’re picking out your outfits and accessories, you’re likely wondering, “what colors look good on me?” If you don’t already know what color looks good on you (or haven’t thought about it), now’s a good time to learn. Some colors can make you look fab, while others can drastically decrease your attraction score. 

There are tons of guides out there for picking out the right shades for your skin, but many of them are complex or don’t make sense. We’re here to give you all the deets up straight without the confusion. 

By using our simple guide, you’ll be looking amazing in every season. Read on to learn about what colors complement your complexion the best.  

Light Complexion: What Color Looks Good on You

Fair ladies, you’re going to want to steer clear of colors that can make you look washed out. Neutral or light-colored clothing should be avoided whenever possible. Instead, look for rich tones to compliment your natural hues. 

Gemstone colors such as a deep amethyst purple, aquamarine, ruby red, and royal blue are great choices. If you’re looking for gemstones to compliment your style, check out this article (especially if your birthday falls in March). 

Want to go for a more dramatic look? Add a splash of black with your gem colors. This slimming shade goes with every outfit and color – it also looks great with your skin tone. 

Medium-Toned Complexion: What Color Looks Good on You 

Hey there, golden girl! Warm colors will bring out your natural glow. Look out for different shades of orange, red, and yellow.

Pastel colors will also look great on you (check out these color pallets for a list of pastel colors to look out for). If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate your ideal colors, try out headbands and hair accessories – they’re easy to add to your getup and look great no matter what look you’re going for. 

Dark Complexion: What Color Looks Good on You

If you have darker-colored skin, you’re in luck. You can rock just about any color you’d like!

When you’re feeling more low-key, you can look great in neutral colors such as beige and cream. Feeling bolder? Bring out your complexion with a bang!

Bright colors such as ivory, bright red, orange, and emerald green will look great with your complexion. You can even mix these two color schemes together by wearing neutrally-colored clothing and adding a dab of boldly-colored makeup. Try adding brightly-colored lipstick or a deep, shimmery eye shadow to bring out your complexion even more.

Interested in seeing how you can try some of these looks? Check out these makeup styles to get attention (and turn heads) wherever you go. 

Find Your Perfect Style

Now that you know more about what color looks good on you, it will be a cinch finding the right clothing for every season. So what’s stopping you from picking out the colors that make you look your best? Snag your ideal colors of clothes, accessories, and more to make your look complete. 

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