How to Tell If a Diamond Is Real: A Simple Guide

how to tell if a diamond is real

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Whether you’re buying a diamond or receiving one, it’s a momentous occasion as everyone knows how precious (and expensive) real diamonds are. Naturally, you want to make sure that your precious jewelry is legitimate, especially if you’re the one paying for it

But in today’s world, fake diamonds are more common than a rarity, and yes, there is more than one way to fake it. Here’s how to tell if you a diamond is real with a few simple tips. 

Fake Diamond Counterparts to Be Aware Of 

So, what exactly do fake diamonds look like? Well, the truth is that they look exactly like real diamonds. They are usually natural gems that have their own value, however, this value is nowhere near that of a diamond. The most common natural stones that ”pose” as diamonds within the industry include colorless sapphire, colorless topaz, and colorless zircon. 

Today, fake diamonds are also lab produced and include variations such as GGG (gadolinium gallium garnet), CZ (synthetic cubic zirconia), YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet), and synthetic moissanite.

To the average Joe, these stones look and sparkle like real diamonds, but they are not the same thing.

How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real: 5 Simple Tips 

When it comes to recognizing a true diamond, there are certain qualities that just cannot be faked. Here are a few simple ways to test the authenticity of your precious stone(s):

1. The Fog Test 

A simple way to test if your diamond is real is to fog it up like a mirror. You can either do this with your own breath or use steam from the kettle. If the stone does not fog, it’s an authentic diamond because the condensation will not stick to the surface. 

2. It Will Reflect White Light and Color 

A real diamond is known for its beautiful sparkle, but bear in mind that it will only sparkle in direct light. Not only will it reflect white light, but a rainbow of colors too. If there is no reflection of color no matter how you turn the diamond, it’s most likely inauthentic.  

3. You Cannot Scratch a Diamond 

The only thing that can scratch or mark the surface of a diamond, is another diamond. Other than this, a real diamond is extremely tough and hardy to scratches, dents, and other abrasive actions. You can test this yourself by using a stainless steel knife to scratch the top of your diamond. If it remains unscathed, you have yourself a true diamond. 

4. Real Diamonds Sink 

A real diamond is a solid force of nature that should have real weight to it. If you immerse your diamond (just the diamond itself) into a glass of water, it will sink to the bottom. Other diamond counterparts, such as synthetic cubic zirconia, will most likely float. 

5. Diamond Reflections Are Not Blinding

One of the most typical giveaways of a diamond counterpart, such as cubic zirconia, is the intensity of sparkle. The reflections of a real diamond should be brilliant, but not blinding. The sparkle of cubic zirconia, however, tends to be very bright — almost too good to be true! 

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How to Tell If a Diamond Is Real