Is Legit? Details on Shopping this Online Marketplace

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Last Updated on June 5, 2024 by Steal the Style is a massive online marketplace for everything from clothing to toys and electronics and where you can shop millions of quality products at deep, deep discounts!

The tagline is Wish is Shopping Made Fun.wishwish

Is Wish Legit?

Yes, marketplace is a legit place to shop but as with any marketplace there are scammers on the platform and often issues with product quality. Due to the steep discounts and extremely low prices you do have to be a savvy shopper to get the most from ordering on Wish.



Nothing beats the ease of shopping off a screen from the comfort of your home. The time-saving aspect of online shopping is perfect for people with busy schedules. If you are looking to buy a T-shirt or a set of headphones for under $10, Wish has it all. However, it makes one wonder about the website’s legitimacy because of its low prices.

You can think of Wish like an online dollar store with many items costing just a dollar and often under $5 or $10.

We have answered the question of how safe the website is by thorough research of the online shopping platform. We have explored how the website works, how you can avoid getting scammed, and how product reviews are a big help.

Who Owns

Wish is an online marketplace designed to provide the experience of wandering in a real-life mall surrounded by things you can buy as far as your eyes can see. It is an online e-commerce platform based in San Francisco. In addition, the website allows transactions between buyers and sellers.

Additionally, the founders of Wish are Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. The website is popular for its low prices on ordinarily expensive items.

What to Know About Ordering On Wish

Although the prices on Wish are pretty low, as an app and an online seller company, it is perfectly safe. It basically means that if you buy low-priced headphones, they will indeed be delivered to your home. However, the website doesn’t guarantee that they will work, but since they weren’t for a lot of money, there isn’t much harm.

Apart from that, low prices on items from high-profile brands automatically make it a risky investment. In the case of electronics, they could be faulty, but stationery items, books, and art supplies are of pretty good quality.

Does Wish have an app?

Yes, Wish does have an app for easy ordering and tracking of your orders.

The value of Wish reviews

The best advice for shopping on Wish is to rely on customer reviews. You will find various reviews under multiple products. It will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the product. Similarly, there are countless product unboxing videos available on YouTube as well.

Wish Shipping

Aside from that, Wish has low rates for shipping, but the product can take months to deliver compared to other platforms.

If you are hesitant about entering your credit card information on a website selling products for such low prices, then you are not alone. It may seem scary, but the truth is that Wish is pretty legit. Although websites get hacked all the time, and Wish is no different, it is trusted enough not to steal your information. Other than that, you have to make an account on the website to be able to view or list products on it.

What to Buy From Wish?

Home decoration items, cheap jewelry, pantry organizers, flower pots, and cellphone cables are the best things to buy on the website. Regarding clothes, we recommend clothes for children, compression clothing, scarves, hats, and Halloween costumes. Apart from that, LED bulbs and watches (not digital watches) are good too.

We advise against buying gadgets on the website as they may or may not work.

Final Word

The reasonable prices on Wish pull almost everyone in. It is a platform for people who like to go on a shopping spree but hate spending too much. All in all, Wish is almost perfect for everything except electronic items.