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Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Steal the Style

Need a quick and relatively inexpensive wardrobe update? Buy a new pair of jeans. Not only does the right pair increase your confidence, but denim is an important staple each season. The effortlessness of denim jeans spans across style genres and decades. However, although timeless, jean styles also fluctuate; it can be challenging to narrow down what’s both on-trend and flatters your body type. No worries, this list has you covered. Take a look at our recommendations below to find a pair that magically upgrades your closet. 

1. Flared Jeans

I think it’s safe to stop calling flared jeans retro and just start calling them groovy. Flared denim has made an appearance in some capacity every year for the last decade. Regardless of their modernity, you can always count on flared denim to make a statement. 

Looks best on- Pear and hourglass shapes 

Our recommendation – Good American, Good Legs Flare Slide Slit

Good American combines its hip-hugging stretch fabric with a vintage high-waist in our flirtiest pick. Their new dark wash combined with an elegant side-slit brings these flares into 2021. Pair with a half-tucked sweater and some low heeled booties, and you have the perfect seasonal look. 

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2. High Waisted Jeans

Everyone seems to love a pair of high-waisted denim, most likely because of their added comfort and figure-flattering capabilities. When chosen correctly, the right high-waisted jean can instantly transform your shape and slim your waist. We’ll take all of them. 

Looks best on- Hourglass shapes, tall frames, apple body shapes 

Our recommendation- Madewell Perfect Vintage Straight Jean

No one creates a high-rise quite like Madewell. This brand understands a woman’s figure and continuously creates diverse flattering styles. We chose this denim because it combines a vintage light-wash and a straight-leg silhouette, both of which are popular for this season. 



3. Skinny Jeans

There has been much debate around skinny jeans in the last year since Gen Z declared them uncool, and the older generations have vigorously fought back. Although skinny jeans are not the preferred style in 2021, they still have a place in your closet. In an ironic twist, skinny “jeans” are now seen as the more mature, sophisticated look and are perfect for nights on the town. 

Looks best on- Most body types, petite frames. 

Our recommendation- Silver Jeans Suki Mid-Rise

Skinny Jean Mid-rise is known to be the most figure-flattering denim because it hits just below the natural waist, and this means that it covers the widest part of your body while accentuating one of the smallest. Silver jean combines this mid-rise secret with other shape-enhancing details like a contouring waistband and thick contrast stitching. 



4. Boyfriend Jeans

Popular with the younger generation, boyfriend jeans are soft-looking and easy-going, creating a casual feel. They are perfect for running errands or working from home as they provide plenty of space without technically being sweatpants. When worn correctly, a boyfriend jean portrays the coveted model-off-duty look. 

Looks best on- Athletic body types, apple body shapes. 

Our recommendation- Rag & Bone Rose Mid-Rise Boyfriend

Rag & Bone does a fantastic job at creating casual styles without making them appear sloppy. This boyfriend denim still has some shape around the waist and tapers out at the leg, mirroring what’s cool in contemporary streetwear.



Pro tip: pair a boyfriend jean with a more fitted top to keep the proportions balanced.