8 Easy Ways to Make Your Thin Hair Appear Thicker

Make Hair Appear Thicker

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Having thin hair can be incredibly frustrating. You feel as if no matter what you try and do, everyone can see your scalp and your hair falls flat. You probably look at your friends who have thick hair and wish that you could have hair like that just for a second. Well, you can.

Of course, there’s no real way to literally have thicker hair, but there are plenty of methods to make your hair LOOK thicker than it really is. This is a brilliant way to boost your confidence, lift your locks and make everyone else jealous of YOU. You don’t have to go to an expensive salon or have hair extensions to gain thicker hair, you can do it cheaply at home and feel much more confident as a result.

1. Thickening Products

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The first way to make your hair feel thicker and to create volume on your head is to buy thickening products. There are tonnes of thickening shampoos, treatments and conditioner for fine hair which aim to make your hair appear much stronger and retain shape.

2. Cut Your Hair

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If you notice that when your hair grows, you have only a thin layer which is longer than the rest, this won’t help your hair look thick and healthy. If you truly want your hair to look thicker, you need to cut your hair so that it is all the same length. This will create a much more voluminous style and allow your hair to grow together as one strong unit. You don’t even need to visit a salon for this, simply buy a pair of hair cutting scissors on amazon and trim your hair at home for free!

3. Tease the Hair

Now, don’t go crazy with the backcombing and look like a 2008 teenager, but you can tease your hair a little bit to plump up those roots and give that extra thickness you crave. All you need is a new toothbrush to gently tease your roots and keep them looking larger throughout the day. Pop on some hairspray to keep it all in place and you will have thick, healthy looking hair throughout the day.

4. Invest in Root Lifter

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A simple strategy to keep your hair looking thick and large is to apply root lifter to your hair when you style it. It will last throughout the day and give you that lift you need to keep your hair looking alive. Your hair will lift at the root and therefore look much fuller throughout the day.

5. Get Highlights

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You might not think that colouring will do anything for your hair, but it can actually give the illusion that you have much more hair than you actually do. When you get highlights in your hair it adds a sense of depth to your head and this in turn give the impression of having much more hair. When you couple this with soft waves, you will give off that look of full, thick hair which will look stunning.

6. Hide Your Scalp

If you can see a huge chunk of your scalp underneath your hair all of the time, your hair will look much thinner and sparse than it is. To avoid this, you can take some eyeshadow the same colour as your hair and fill in the gaps between your hair and scalp. This will give the impression of much more hair and will make it look fuller.

7. Blow It Out

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One of the ways which many people add volume and shape to their hair is to blow the hair out. This might seem like something only a hair stylist can do, but you can style your hair this way at home and get some stunning results. Use a ceramic brush in your hair and roll your hair up as it dries. By drying the their in an upward position you will add instant volume to your locks. If you have layers, you can also curl them slightly at the ends to add depth and give you hair that Kate Middleton vibe at home. There are plenty of tutorials for blowing out your hair on YouTube.

8. Take Supplements

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Remember that a huge contributing factor to the health of your hair is what you put into your body. If you do not fuel your body with the right nutrients, you will never reach your full potential and have the healthiest hair possible. There is one particular supplement which is amazing for hair growth and health, and it is called biotin. If you take a biotin tablet every day, you will start to see a huge difference in the health of your hair and your nails.

Ways To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker