Spring Trends

Spring Trends

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Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Steal the Style

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the best spring trends for 2022! Last year, loungewear and activewear in bright, bold colors dominated the scene.

This season, the more courageous and outlandish trends popular over the last year have given way to more romantic, nostalgic styles reminiscent of the early 90’s. So put away your winter gear and get ready to update your wardrobe with these trendy and stylish picks for spring!

1. Flowy Maxi Dresses

Long, flowy maxi dresses are a wardrobe staple this spring season! While maxi dresses are usually considered a more summer look, there are some easy ways you can style them this spring. Layer a maxi dress with a chic leather jacket or a denim coat for a fun play on different textures.

Think outside the box when it comes to footwear – maxi dresses look great with sneakers or leather boots, not just sandals! If you need some inspiration, browse through the collection of a retailer like Forever 21 that has a wide selection of maxi-dresses in a variety of fun patterns to choose from. With this fantastic BravoDeal promo code, you can shop for some lovely maxi dresses at amazing discount prices!

2. Spring Florals

It seems like florals will never go out of style! This spring season we’re seeing florals everywhere, even in head-to-toe styles! The easiest way to rock the floral trend is to keep it simple with a cute, floral top.

There are so many styles out there to choose from, but the easiest and most universally flattering styles are either floral blouses or classic t-shirts with cute details like ruffle sleeves. Pair your floral top with some high-waisted jeans and you have a lovely, carefree outfit that just radiates springtime! If you just can’t wait to start flower shopping, Zara has an amazing collection of both mini and maxi floral dresses to fall in love with in their spring collection!

3. Metallic Silver

Gold is out and silver is in! Metallic, shiny silver dominated the runway this year and was a focal point of both Louis Vuitton’s and Burberry’s Spring/Summer collections. You don’t need to spend luxury prices to incorporate some fantastic silver pieces into your wardrobe.

A fun and easy way to add a touch of any metallic color into your style is through your accessories. Try a silver clutch from Michael Kors or a metallic silver crinkle bag from Ted Baker, both are gorgeous bags in shimmering silver guaranteed to make a bold statement.

5. Oversized Trench Coats

Dust off your old trench coat because this season they’re back on trend! Trench coats this season are big, long and oversized, so if you prefer a tighter silhouette be sure to go down one size. A trench coat is a great fashion investment since it’s a timeless piece that will never truly go out of style.

In fact, the first trench coach was created over 100 years ago! This season we’re seeing trench coats branch out from their usual colors of khaki or beige to include other tones like olive green or navy. Ralph Lauren offers a variety of short, trench coats in many classic colors that would work well with any pair of skinny jeans or leggings!

5. Wide Leg Pants

If you’re into comfortable yet sophisticated styles, then this is the trend for you! No more struggling to squeeze into tight skinny jeans, this spring wide leg trousers are the trend! Wide leg trousers have the potential to become a powerhouse in your wardrobe thanks to their amazing versatility. If you’re wanting to achieve a casual, care-free look, choose a pair of wide leg pants in a breathable fabric like cotton or linen.

Go ahead and have fun choosing from amongst all the unique patterns and styles available this season! If you’re looking for an outfit that just oozes style and sophistication, try pairing a wide leg pair of formal trousers with either a matching blazer or a form-fitting blouse.