The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Proper Brazilian Wax

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This is it, your first trip to a tropical beach location where you can finally break out the new bikinis you’ve purchased. Months of planning and preparation have passed and now it’s all about vacationing and enjoying the sun and waves. Many women have just one final step to embark upon before they’re fully ready to show off that amazing new suit – the Brazilian Wax.

Whether this is your first time getting a Brazilian (bikini) wax, or you’re hoping to have a better experience than your last one, this article has you covered. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be ready for that trip to the beach. You’ll know how to prepare for the wax, what type of wax you might want, and what to do after the appointment.

This article is focused on women who wish to get a Brazilian wax, but for any men who are reading this, fear not! Much of what is said here can be applied to you as well. Any remaining questions would be best addressed by the professional who will be giving you the Brazilian wax. Now, here’s what to know before you embark on your Brazilian wax experience.

Reasons to Get a Brazilian Wax

  • Skin health – One of the best parts of waxing is what it’s able to do for your skin. Not only does waxing remove your hair, but it doubles as an exfoliator – keeping your skin clear, smooth and healthy as you wax. Be careful not to overdo it, waxing is great for your skin but too much exfoliation can eventually lead to damages. Think of skin health as something to look forward to when you get your wax.
  • Finer hair – One added benefit of waxing anywhere is that it pulls the hair from the stem which lessens later growth. When the hair eventually does return, you’ll find that it’s thinner and finer than before. The first trip to getting the wax will be the most difficult, but you’re only making room for an easier time down the road. Less hair is less worry for next time!
  • Long lasting results – When shaving, you’re simply cutting the hair off at the surface, leaving the root and promoting future growth. With waxing, you’re removing the hair in full – root and stem. This means that the body will need to completely reproduce new hair before you have anything showing up again. The results of your waxing will be around for a while so be sure to enjoy!

Steps Prior to Getting the Wax

Getting your first Brazilian wax can be intimidating – waxing can be painful and you’re doing it in a sensitive area. But don’t stress too much about it, this is typically caused by anxiety about the wax. You’ll find that most often, the waxing process can be rather painless when done by a professional. Sure, some tugs and yanks might be a little sharp, but nothing unbearable. Keep your stress levels down and the pain will subside.

Don’t shave for about two weeks prior to your waxing appointment. The wax needs something to grip onto in order to properly pull the root out. If your hair is less than a quarter inch long, it might not be able to grasp on, so refrain from shaving for as long as you need before the appointment. This can be annoying, but the results of the wax will be well worth it.

Procedure of the Wax

Just as it should be on your end, the procedure of the waxing is all about proper preparation. First, you must cleanse the skin. This is done with simple water, run over the area of the skin where the waxing will occur. It removes any makeup or oils that will affect the waxing. The next step is to protect the skin. Special pre-waxing oil is applied to the waxing area to make sure the skin is safe and healthy during the waxing.

Depending on the place you go to receive your waxing, your experience might be different. This next step should be the waxing itself. You will have a wax applied to your skin either by itself or with a cloth of some sorts. This wax is then removed from the skin and any hair in the region is removed with it.

Rachael Brown, founder of Proper Puss, a waxing salon in NYC, says this: “Because hard wax is better suited for more delicate areas it is the ideal wax for the Brazilian and Bikini wax. It also picks up the hair a lot easier and is a lot easier on the skin than soft wax.”

After the waxing comes the in-house aftercare. The specialist will apply creams or blends that will promote quick healing and deter irritation.

What About the Aftercare?

Your skin will be sensitive for a while after the appointment so you’ll want to avoid doing certain things that could cause redness or irritation. Typically, the waxing procedure won’t irritate the skin, any redness or swelling comes from the aftercare process. You’ll want to apply creams that support smooth skin and moisturization. A good company will either supply you with the creams or point you in the right direction to find them yourself.

Wait a couple of days before getting busy again – we get that you’re feeling good, you should! But withhold from sex for about two days. This will give your skin time to heal and allow for areas where hair once was to close up, preventing further irritations. The same time span should be applied to tanning – getting that complete beach body is tempting, especially if your vacation is right around the corner. But give your body about two days to heal before hopping in the tanning bed.

Different Types of Waxes

  • Bikini Line – This is the basic face of waxing and is a simple touch up to regions that will be visible even when wearing a bikini.
  • Bikini Full – This removes all hair from the front, even underneath the bikini itself for a clean and clear wax.
  • Bikini Brazilian – This is the fullest wax available – removing hair from both the front and the back of the body offering you a fresh and freeing feeling.

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