Three New Exciting And Unique Wall Decorations

Turn your photo into an art piece - Magnetific

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If you are finding the walls in your home or office spaces looking dull or, if you are in need for some focus pieces to spice up the walls, this article will introduce 3 new exciting pieces to help you achieve such goal. They work as unique decorating pieces for your spaces, and you can be guaranteed they will attract some attention from guests visiting those spaces.

But enough introduction let us look at them one by one.

1. The Wood 3D Wooden World Map – World Map 2.0

This map is just gorgeous, made of wood and with a warm and vintage look. It gives the feeling of the explorer’s maps of centuries before. All the countries are differentiated through the different tones of brown (or blue or grey).

It comes in three sizes from 39” (100cm) to 79” (200cm) long, so it will fill large walls also.

It is almost one inch thick so it will cast a shadow along its edges making it stand out. It comes with optional LED background color to make it stand out even more. Checkout how it looks in the dark, cool stuff! It is also an interactive map where you can place pushpins of famous landmarks to mark places you have visited, or optional airplane pushpins for other places. Furthermore, you can add text too.

Check it out for yourself here

2. A plug’n’play shelving system – KUR!O 

This product is a shelving system that is placed in the wall. It mixes functionality with good design and flexibility. It has a modern and timeless design. It offers an insanely large number of color combinations (48) so making it fit certain walls in terms of color combination would not be a problem. Being modular you can make different arrangements and make it fill walls of different sizes. You can basically use it in walls of every space in your house where you might need sturdy and visually appealing shelves.

The system basically offers a combination of shelves of different length and hangers placed on a 24”x32” base board (60x80cm). Shelves and hangers are made of steel so they are durable and can hold books, clothes or vases. You can combine elements in the system as you wish in a predefined modular grid. And probably this is what can make the application of this shelving system unique in each case.

Check it out for yourself here

3. Turn your photo into an art piece – Magnetific

This is a wall display inspired from the ancient mosaics, the modern dotted art of the 50s and 60s, the famous Pop Art.

Turn your photo into an art piece - Magnetific

Magnetific display is a product for placing your photos, prints or whatever art you want and that can be printed on cheap standard paper. Yet the product looks refined enough to be used as a focus piece while decorating a wall or space. The claims to be timeless. Basically it is modern with very simple forms but still with refined elements. It has rings and chains for hanging but these elements would also make the product fit in the décor of a traditional architecture space. The design also has a light industrial feel to it as it features some visible bolts and nuts.

And there is even a web app to create some content from your photos and to download a printable PDF. Or you can just browse through hundreds of creations in their website. As of the writing of this blog, the product is in a crowdfunding pre-launch phase.

Check it out for yourself here

Hope you found these three new products inspiring enough to use them in your own decoration projects or maybe as a unique gift idea.

Three New Exciting And Unique Wall Decorations