All the Types of Noses

types of noses

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Did you know that your nose is important for cleansing the air that you breathe in? There are some types of noses that are famous historical noses, while other noses are notable thanks to famous nose jobs. Some nose shapes are more common than others.

Have you ever wondered about famous noses and the nose category that your nose falls under? There are many different types of noses out there that fall under a number of different categories.

If you’ve ever wondered about your nose shape then you’re in the perfect place to learn about famous noses and the type of nose that you have. Keep reading this article to learn more about the different types of noses.

Fleshy Nose

A fleshy nose is a nose that has a bulbous appearance. These noses make up around a quarter of the noses around the world, making them one of the most common types of noses. Albert Einstein is someone that made this one of the famous historical noses.

Celestial Nose

The celestial nose has a turned-up appearance and it is also one of the more common types of noses. Around 13 percent of people have a celestial nose. This is one of the most popular options that people request when they go to the best rhinoplasty surgeon for help with a nose job.

Roman Nose

The Roman nose is another type of historical nose and it is one that is quite noticeable. It features a sloping curve and it gets its name because it resembles the noses on ancient Roman statues. It is also known as an aquiline nose.

Greek Nose

Another one of the historical noses is the Greek nose. This type of nose is another popular choice when it comes to famous nose jobs. It features a straight bridge and it is known as one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of noses around.

This nose type is similar to the Roman nose in the sense that it has similar origins. The name for it comes from the appearance of noses on the statues created by the ancient Greeks.

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose is another classic nose type found throughout the world. This nose features a wide base and prominent nostrils with a long bridge. This is a common type of nose for people that have African ancestry. 

Bumpy Nose

The bumpy nose gets its name from the bumpy profile and subtle curves that it has. These curves are often located near the tip of the nose, and people with the bumpy nose type are common candidates for getting a nose job from a rhinoplasty surgeon. It is easy for a surgeon to smooth out the bumps and curves during a rhinoplasty procedure.

Now You Know the Types of Noses

There are many types of noses out there, but it is possible that you never knew that they had names and categories that they fell under. Reading this article should give you a much clearer idea of the type of nose that you have, whether it is one of the famous historical noses or one of the celebrity noses.

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