8 Tips for Making Your Wedding Bouquet According to the Flower Symbolism

Wedding Bouquet

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Flower symbolism has been an important part of weddings for centuries, with each type of flower carrying its unique meaning and significance. Whether you’re looking to create a bouquet that represents love, happiness, or something else, choosing the right flowers can be a powerful way to add a special touch to your big day. Here are some tips for making your wedding bouquet according to the flower symbolism:

1. Consider the Theme and Mood of the Wedding

When choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet, it’s important to consider the overall mood and theme of your wedding. If you’re looking to create a romantic atmosphere, you might choose a romantic bouquet made of roses, peonies, or lilies. For a more whimsical feel, you might opt for daisies, sunflowers, and mums. And for a more elegant atmosphere, consider flowers like orchids, calla lilies, and hydrangeas.

2. Research the Meanings of Different Flowers

Before choosing your flowers, it’s a good idea to research the meanings of different flowers. For example, roses are often associated with passion and love, while lilies symbolize innocence and purity. Sunflowers are often associated with joy and happiness, while daisies symbolize innocence and purity.

By understanding the symbolism of different flowers, you can create a bouquet that truly reflects your feelings and emotions. We’ll make your research easier by listing the most common wedding bouquet flowers and their meanings.


Roses are a classic choice for wedding bouquets because they are incredibly beautiful and romantic. They are also available in a wide range of colors, which makes them easy to incorporate into any wedding color scheme. Red roses symbolize passion and desire, while pink roses symbolize grace, comfort, and admiration. White roses symbolize youthfulness, purity, and innocence, making them a popular choice for bridal bouquets.

Roses have a sweet fragrance that can add a lovely ambiance to the wedding ceremony and reception. Overall, you can read more about roses and how to get them fresh for your wedding, as they are a popular choice for wedding bouquets because of their timeless, versatile, and lovely texture.


Peonies are often used in wedding bouquets and are associated with happiness, good fortune, and prosperity. There’s a belief that these full and lush flowers bring good luck to the couple; that brides who use them look forward to a happy and prosperous marriage.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley symbolism
Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a delicate and fragrant flower that symbolizes royalty, motherhood, happiness, good luck, and protection. In some cultures, these flowers symbolize humility and rebirth, making them a fitting choice for a wedding bouquet.


These large flowers remain a favorite as far as wedding bouquets are concerned. This is because they look gorgeous at any wedding, be it romantic, formal, whimsical, rustic, or even modern. Traditionally, people gave hydrangeas as a sign of gratitude, but brides use them to symbolize rebirth, fortune, and good health.


Orchids are arguably the perfect choice for wedding bouquets. They are exotic and elegant and symbolize love, beauty, strength, fertility, and luxury. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to any bouquet, you won’t go wrong with orchids.


Carnations come in a range of colors, each with its meaning. Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s undying love, innocence, and affection, while red carnations represent deep love and enchantment. These versatile flowers are a popular choice for wedding bouquets and add a pop of color to any arrangement.


Instead of making a bridal bouquet using obvious flowers like roses and carnations, choose unexpected blooms like sunflowers. These flowers are vibrant and symbolize adoration and loyalty, and they are also associated with warmth and happiness. Use them to add a touch of sunshine to your wedding bouquet.

3. Use Decorative Elements for a Personal Touch

Adding ribbons, charms, or other decorative elements to your bouquet can help to make it more unique and personal. For example, you might use a locket with a photo of your loved one or a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding dress. These decorative elements can add a special touch to your bouquet and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Mix and Match Different Flowers

Mix and match different flowers to add interest and depth to your bouquet. For example, you might combine roses, lilies, and baby’s breath for a romantic bouquet, or sunflowers, daisies, and mums for a more whimsical feel. By combining different fresh flowers, you can create a bouquet that is unique and personal to you.

5. Consider Adding Herbs to Your Bouquet

Herbs are not only fragrant, but they also have symbolic meanings. For example, rosemary is often associated with love, longevity, and fidelity, while lavender symbolizes femininity, devotion, and purity.

6. Use Filler Flowers and Greens for Extra Texture and Fullness

Filler flowers and greens are smaller flowers and leaves that add volume and texture to your bouquet. For example, you might use baby’s breath, ferns, or ivy to add a delicate, romantic touch to your bouquet. These smaller flowers and leaves can also add color and interest to your bouquet without overwhelming the overall design.

7. Pay Attention to Flower Colors

The color of your bouquet will also play a role in its overall symbolism. For example, red flowers are often associated with love and passion, while white flowers symbolize purity and innocence. Pink flowers are often associated with affection and femininity, while yellow flowers symbolize joy, friendship, and optimism. Choosing the right color scheme for your bouquet can add an extra layer of meaning to your floral arrangements.

8. Get Inspiration From Other People

If you’re not sure where to start with your wedding bouquet, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration from other people. Browse through wedding magazines, Pinterest, and other sources to see what bouquets other brides have chosen.

You may also work with a florist to create your wedding bouquet. A florist has a wealth of knowledge about flowers and their meanings, as well as experience creating beautiful bouquets. Working with experts will ensure your bouquet is not only beautiful but also holds the symbolic significance you desire.


Remember that the bouquet is symbolic of the bride and her marriage. It tells us a lot about her personality as well as what she hopes for in her future relationship with her husband. So, if you choose flowers appropriately, you’ll communicate your personalities and aspirations perfectly! If you aren’t able to choose the right flowers for your wedding bouquet, it’s advisable to work with a florist.