What Different Diamond Colors Mean: A Breakdown

diamond colors

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Today is your second-year anniversary with your loved one. You want to do something special by picking them up a nice diamond necklace. Before you head to the jewelry shop, think about diamond colors.

diamond colors

Diamonds come in all types of colors from rare to normal. Like with flowers, each color has its own special meaning that you have to consider as well. For example, you won’t want to get them a yellow diamond necklace because yellow represents friendship.

Knowing these things will help you plan the perfect gift. Check out this guide to learn more about the different color meanings.

Yellow Diamonds 

Yellow diamonds form when nitrogen is involved in the formation process. Yellow diamonds are bright making them quite popular. They can be found in South Africa, Russia, and Australia. 

They aren’t the best diamond to get your significant other because they represent friendship. They also symbolize hope, happiness, and humility. 

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the rarest diamond color and therefore the most expensive. These diamonds represent confidence, power, passion, and strength.  

Green Diamonds 

Green diamonds are formed through the exposure of radioactivity. They range from the rare olive color to the common yellowish green. When exposed to high temperatures, the green color can slowly turn to brown. 

Green diamonds represent nature, abundance, youthful strength, prosperity, and nature. 

Blue Diamonds 

Blue diamonds are popular due to their unique color and are also pretty rare. They’re created when boron is present during their formation. They can also be formed commercially using electron beam radiation. 

Blue diamonds symbolize truth, peace, eternity, devotion, and spirituality. A blue diamond ring will ensure a safe journey as well. 

Black and White Diamonds

Black diamonds are seen as a trendy alternative to the traditional clear diamonds making them a popular choice for engagement rings. Black diamonds show a sense of creativity, power, action, and energy in the wearer. 

White diamonds aren’t transparent at all. Naturally occurring ones have a milky color but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. They represent cleanliness and holiness. 

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds are also referred to as, coffee, cognac, or champagne diamonds. Like yellow diamonds, they are made when nitrogen is part of the formation process. Brown diamonds are pretty easy to come by so they’re not as expensive as some of the others on this list. 

Brown diamonds will make the wearer feel closer to nature. They symbolize stability, order, and clarity. 

Orange Diamonds 

Orange is a rare colored diamond that’s created when boron is present during formation. With orange, typically comes a secondary color as well. Orange diamonds represent energy, courage, and enthusiasm. 

What do Diamond Colors Mean? 

Are you planning on buying a diamond ring or necklace for a special someone? You’ll need to know the meaning of the different diamond colors in order to really make the gift special. We hope you’re able to use this guide to make the right choice. 

Diamonds aren’t the only gem that makes a good gift. Check out the jewelry section of our blog daily for a few more ideas.  

What Different Diamond Colors Mean