What Not To Wear – Women with Curvy Figures

What Not To Wear - Women with Curvy Figures

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As a curvy woman, it may be hard to find plus size clothes that fit your style and body type, but shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Dressing your best is all about knowing what designs will flatter your figure and then building outfits that express your personality. Here are some tips and tricks about what to avoid in order to look great and feel confident.

Don’t Do Skinny Pants

The most important things to consider when picking out a pair of trousers or pants are balancing your proportions and lengthening your body. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or ultra-tight, tapered bottoms. From the knee downwards, pants should flow away from the body. This extra volume of a boot cut or bell bottom helps balance out the proportions and leads the eyes from the top down, away from heavy hips and thighs. If your curves are of the pear shaped variety, it may also be a good idea to stay away from the high waisted trousers trend. While these pants are in style at the moment, they are made to flatter bigger busts and smaller hips, so they do not do much to accentuate your curves in the right places.

Avoid Boxy Styled Tops

Curvy women don’t have to hide behind big, bulky clothing, in fact sometimes that just ends up looking frumpy and bulky. Don’t be afraid to play up your curves. Avoid boxy styles of shirts and tops. Find blouses with tapered waistlines like wrap tops or belted shirts. For tee and button down dress shirts, always find designs that are nipped in at the waist; this helps to emphasize the right curves without drowning in extra fabric. Along the same lines, if you are a curvy woman looking for a nice suit, stay away from double breasted jackets. They are much too boxy and will not flatter your shape. Look for suits and blazers with a deep V-neck to give the illusion of a long, lean torso.

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Select the Right Fabrics

Choosing the right fabrics to wear can really help you accentuate all your best features while downplaying areas you’d like to hide. Thinner, flimsier cloths rarely flatter curvier body types. Avoid dresses and tops made from shiny, overly clingy materials like satins and rayons, and polyesters. They will only serve to highlight unflattering bumps and rolls. Instead opt for fabrics with more substance to them. Thicker fabrics can drape beautifully across your curves in ways other materials cannot. Cotton and matte jersey selections are better choices and can provide a beautiful silhouette for the curvy woman.

Stay Away From Bulky Prints

Leave the big, bold prints on the rack. Large, light-colored prints, especially floral designs, don’t help out a curvy figure, and they can even look a little sloppy. They tend to emphasize width and make everything look bigger than they actually are. Your wardrobe should accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws, but bulky prints have the exact opposite of this effect. Solid, dark colors are a curvy woman’s best friends. Darker hues are slimming and always look classy. If you do want to play with color, try a flattering two-toned or color block dress; they are very much in style right now.

What Not To Wear - Women with Curvy Figures

What Not To Wear - Women with Curvy Figures