Women’s Gym Clothes in 2021

Women's Gym Clothes

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Gym clothes have quickly evolved and made their way into the most up-to-date fashion trends. There’s a lot of cool options when shopping for gym clothes for girls and yet, browsing online for the best gym wear can be an endless hunt.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to ‘look the part’ when you’re going to work out. High-quality activewear can boost your gym experience. Knowing you look good even when drenched in sweat gives that motivational and confidence boost. Let’s first get the basics of which gym wear to choose from.

Workout Tops

You may either go for sleeveless tops or long-sleeved shirts for your workout wear.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are great for activewear since they are simplistic – no buttons, collars nor pockets, and are designed for a body-hugging fit. Tank tops and short sleeve crew tops are common options for gym wear in the hotter days. Racerbacks have a unique cut helpful in observing your shoulder and back muscles while working out.

Thick Workout Clothes

Sweat it out during the colder weather by wearing thicker workout clothes like long sleeves, hoodies and sweaters. Long sleeves and long tops are also great alternatives if you prefer having your arms covered or if you are going to a sunny, field day workout.

Chest Support

For innerwear, chest support is a must, especially for exercises that require lots of movement and higher intensity. Sports bras are a woman’s best friend for the necessary chest restriction during high-intensity routines. Unlike regular bras, they are tighter and more encapsulating but still allow you to breathe and move with comfort.

There are also innovative, trendy pieces, such as cropped versions of tank tops, long sleeves and hoodies, as well as sports bra tank tops that are comfortable and fit for wearing as they are.

Workout Bottoms

Workout pants for women should allow ease and comfort for running and stretching. Sweatpants, joggers, sweatshorts, yoga pants, leggings, biker shorts and capri pants – depending on what type of activity you have in your routine, these are the array of gym bottoms to choose from.

Sweatpants and Joggers

Sweatpants and joggers are of the loose, baggy fit, but there are form-fitting variations for better comfort and flexible support during running, dancing and workout routines. They often come with an elastic waist and drawstrings and often sport side pockets.


Sweatshorts are like handy alternatives to sweatpants during the summer. Ideal for leg day and outdoor field activities, sweatshorts are made of material similar to sweatpants but lighter and faster to dry.

Yoga Pants and Leggings

Yoga pants and leggings are both made of stretchy fabric that fit your legs like another layer of skin. These types of pants provide more warmth and somewhat ‘compress’ your legs which is advantageous for blood circulation and support during running and stretching routines.

Material Matters

Here’s a checklist of what to look out for on your next shopping for gym clothes:

  • Durability: For protection during physically tough and demanding sports, durable activewear is necessary.
  • Wicking: Workout means sweat, sweat and more sweat! To avoid picking at soaked clothing during your exercise, go for gym wear with a moisture-wicking material. Moisture-wicking fabric resists sweat instead of absorbing it. Cotton shirts are out of the question, though they are great for comfort and absorbency.
  • Breathability: You also want to consider if you should wear something breathable (ideal for warm days) or if you should opt for tight and fitted activewear which is best for cold weather.
  • Stretchability: Some activities, such as yoga, weightlifting and gymnastics, require extensive movements. Form-fitting clothing must be able to stretch and withstand the elastic stress of such routines.

Some examples of fabric to consider for your gym wear shopping are:

  • Polyester: moisture-wicking, insulator, durable
  • Nylon: soft and stretchy, mildew-resistant, moisture-wicking
  • Spandex: very stretchy, cold-water wash only
  • Mesh: breathable
  • Merino wool: traps body heat, moisture-wicking
  • Polypropylene: almost waterproof, insulator, durable

Athleisure: The Fashion Forward Way

Women’s gym clothes have become versatile as clothing pieces. There are many things to consider, various kinds and types of material to choose from.

As COVID-19 pandemic extending to the year 2021 has challenged us to do everything within the confines of our homes, we have reached a point where dress codes have become simplified and even questionable.

‘Athleisure’, which combines the terms ‘athletics’ and ‘leisure’, is simply talking about athletic wear that is all about comfort, fit and aesthetics. Sporty meets casual – gym clothes have become even more integrated into women’s daily wardrobe choices. Athletic wear is representing the rising cultural trend ‘fashion meets function’ and has been evolving into clothing styles that can be interchangeably used for gym and streetwear.

So, if you want a seamless day-to-day outfit transition for working out and doing daily chores, make sure to update your wardrobe with athleisure pieces.