The Most Stylish Women in Music Today

When you think about women in music who have had memorable fashion moments of late, artists like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry may come to mind. Unfortunately, the outfits you remember them for feature raw meat, riotous hair color, religious affronts, and revealing majorette designs (amongst other odd and obnoxious fare). In short, they are remembered not for their keen sense of style, but rather for their fashion faux pas. Of course, they are entertainers, and wearing a dress made entirely of Kermit the Frog parts is nothing if not entertaining. But thankfully, the starlets that make these shocking style choices are few and far between. Far more singers have the good sense to hire a stylist that dresses them to the nines. And here are just a few that are worthy of keeping an eye on if you want some timely trend tips.

  1. Solange Knowles. Big sis Beyonce has long been famed for her smart fashion sense (and touting the House of Dereon brand started by her and her mother). But even though Solange isn’t yet as renowned as her sister, this afroed songstress certainly knows how to heat up a red carpet. For example, she graced the red runway at the MET gala wearing a shockingly bright, canary yellow gown by Rachel Roy that featured a strapless, peplum top and a sweeping skirt. A lesser lady would not have been able to pull off this look. And in her everyday life she’s known for her playful pairing of bold hues, wild patterns, and a variety of textures, making her one to watch on the style front.
  2. Victoria Beckham. This British supermodel-turned-singer-turned-baller’s wife may not have opened the pipes in a while, but she’s certainly pursued her passion for fashion in the meantime. The one-time tart of the Spice Girls has certainly turned down the heat in her wardrobe, trading in her signature midriffs and micro minis for a much more sophisticated look that includes classic cuts (A-line and pencil skirts, wide-leg trousers, etc.) and flirty, feminine touches that are a lot less revealing (ruffled or draped tops, for example). And her fashion line is equally chic, featuring simple, clean lines and color palettes with touches that are totally now, like bold block prints.
  3. Lana del Rey. Her waxen stare and dreary songs may not appeal to everyone (or anyone), but this little songbird has definitely got some fashion chops to fall back on. Her ‘Valley of the Dolls’ style is a clever blend of sultry siren and buttoned-down, ’50s sensibilities, which makes you wonder whether she’s a lady or a sex-kitten. It is this clever dichotomy that has likely led to the cult of Lana.
  4. Alicia Keys. Keys has definitely had some style setbacks, but cornrows and midriffs aside, her style is largely a thing of beauty. Whether she’s sporting a fedora or a sparkly head scarf, wearing a skin-tight sheath or a wispy, floor-length gown, or pairing a bold, gold collar with a poofy pompadour, this girl is on fire with a style that’s all her own.
  5. Adele. She’s not only one of the top artists in the music biz today, with two amazing studio albums, a slew of Grammys, and a Bond-song under her belt, but she’s also got a classic style that has helped her to become a fashion icon in her home country of England, as well as across the pond and around the world. Her mod dresses, smoky cat eyes, and beehive hair may hearken to another era, but Adele has a simple, chic style that’s all her own, and it’s definitely one worth adopting.


  1. I cannot get enough of Lana del Rey! Oh if only I had 1/4 of her fashion sense! Lady Gaga’s fashion, no thanks.

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