How To Make a Fashion Statement With Your Socks

Statement With Your Socks

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Traditionally, when you think of fashion statements, you imagine your tops, jeans, and shoes. You might even consider your accessories, hairstyle, or makeup. What most people don’t think of as a fashion statement are socks. After all, they’re usually in shoes, so what do they matter, right? Wrong! Fun socks are an excellent way to spruce up your wardrobe, whether you’re tossing something on for a day at the park or looking to create a snazzier outfit for work.

Check out these tips for turning your socks into a fashion statement.

Go Big and Bold

What do you love? How can you incorporate it into your sock game? Maybe you love superheroes but can’t wear graphic t-shirts at work. Grab some socks with your favorite hero on them. Do you have an addiction to pineapple, chocolate, eggs, or any other type of food? Check out some food socks with all of your yummy favorites on them. The key is to go bright and bold if you want your socks to get noticed. Look for stripes, patterns, and bright colors to stand out. If you want to really stand out, you can even use custom socks with faces.

Wear the Right Kind of Shoes

Great socks aren’t going to matter if your shoes won’t show them off anyway. You’ve probably been told most of your life to avoid socks with sandals, but the rule only applies if your socks are a plain, boring color. If they’re bright, fun, and show off your unique personality, then by all means, wear them with your favorite pair of sandals. Other options include ankle boots (with calf- or knee-high socks), low-top sneakers, or saddle shoes. If you have a particularly fun and funky style, you can even pull off patterned socks with glamorous heels. The key is to avoid high-top sneakers or calf-length boots.

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Keep the Rest of Your Outfit Basic (Maybe)

If your socks are the most important part of your outfit and you insist they be noticed, then keep the rest of your outfit simple. Stick to basic jeans and t-shirts, slacks, or dresses in neutral colors. Think black, tan, white, and so on. Some people prefer to show off all over. If you’re the type that likes to feel bold and gorgeous from head to toe, then by all means, wear clothing and accessories that are as bright as your socks. In fact, mixing colors and patterns will make you look as unique as you are and help you to stand out from the commonly dressed people around you. Of course, whatever you wear, be sure any pants are cropped or cuffed. If they’re too long, people won’t be able to see the socks.

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Know When To Keep It Neutral

Unfortunately, there are still some places where bright socks just aren’t socially acceptable (and sometimes, fitting in matters). For example, consider a job interview. If you have one at a financial firm, law firm, or another type of highly professional company, it is best to stick to traditional blue or black socks. On the other hand, if your interview is at a design firm, art museum, or something else that falls on the side of creativity, your bright socks may be appreciated. Consider your audience when deciding how to dress for a job interview. Additionally, once you do have a job, always follow uniform guidelines to avoid disciplinary action.

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Maybe you’ve never worn socks as a fashion statement before and you’re feeling nervous. That’s okay! You don’t need to jump in with both feet (haha!) at once. Why not try a single bright color under your regular clothes to start out? As you become more comfortable with non-traditional socks, you can graduate to stripes or polka dots before moving on to bigger, brighter and bolder colors. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing your favorite fashion-forward socks everywhere you go, turning the entire world into your own personal runway.