The Craziest Fashion Sock Trends & Patterns for 2020

Girls Rule socks

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White tube socks are a thing of a past. Long gone are the days where black dress socks are required for professionals, and no-shows are the fashionable option. With crazy legwear, you can express who you are and let the best aspects of your personality shine. 

Girls Rule socks

It’s a new decade, so why not hop on the crazy-sock bandwagon? If you want to express your political beliefs, your creativity, or even your rebellious nature, socks are the way to go. Everyone loves fun socks, no matter their age!

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Famous Paintings

When it comes to crazy socks, there’s nothing better than a pair that can express your artistic interests. The newest trend in cozy knee highs is printed images of the world’s most famous artwork.

Whether it’s Van Gough’s Starry Night or Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, there’s a pair for any of the masterpieces. With these socks, you look cultured, and your feet are kept nice and warm. 

Pizza, Tacos, and Avocados

Even though it’s a new decade, people still have a consensus on the most delicious foods. Who doesn’t love pizza, tacos, and avocados? These delightful and tasty favorites are making their way through the apparel industry. 

Some of the trends to look out for are abstract patterns of pizza and cute cartoon-esque avocados. There are also many pairs featuring the funny slogan ‘if you can read this, get me some tacos’ written on the bottom of the feet.

Sloth Socks

According to Etsy trends, sloths beat out unicorns as the “It” animal for 2019. In 2020 more and more of us are gravitating to the laid-back attitude of the sloth. The classic slogan ‘live slow, die whenever’ has become the epitome of the carefree lifestyle that many of us are seeking in the new decade. 

These chill mammals spend most of their time hanging upside down in trees. We’re attracted to their connection with nature and their totally relaxed disposition.

Political Patterns

groomsmen socks

Since 2015, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has developed a reputation for bold legwear. The politician has been spotted at global summits and press conferences around the world wearing crazy socks. Since then, the sale of novelty socks has skyrocketed. 

From the streets of New York to the conference halls of Davos, crazy socks are all the rage. Whether it’s to make a statement or promote awareness about a particular social issue, socks are an incredibly versatile clothing item. 


Sports fans love to show their dedication to their team. Whether it’s professional leagues, universities, or even high schools, people like to show their spirit with clothing. Elite sports socks with mascots and logos are a great way to rock your pride.

Novelty Foods

While the pizza, taco, and avocado sock package seem to be a general trend in 2020, people are equally as interested in novelty foods. The pairs to look out for mimic the packaging of classic favorites like Skittles, Pringles, and Jif peanut butter paired with grape jelly. 

Cannabis Socks

cannabis socks

From realistic illustrations of the cannabis sativa plant and obscure molecules to classic stoner quotes, weed socks are all the ‘thing’ in 2020. With legislation loosening around the world, marijuana-related legwear is becoming increasingly popular. Enthusiasts can embrace their appreciation, all while remaining discreet when they want to. All they have to do is roll down their pant leg. 


Since we’ve all spent more time at home in 2020, it makes sense that more people are gravitating towards these crazy and fun trends. Socks allow you to show off the best aspects of your personality! You can show off your creative side, your passion for food, or even your artistic intellect.