How Do Push Up Jeans Really Work and How to Choose Them?

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As a woman, let me tell you something very important. It’s not necessary to look skinny if you want to feel sexy and confident about your body. This explains why so many clothing brands are now manufacturing items that enhance the natural curves and different body shapes of women. One very good example of this is push-up jeans. But how do push up jeans really work?

The thing about push-up jeans is that they’re not only stylish. But also very functional for women that are curvier. The jeans enhance, lift, and shape your backside, thighs, and legs. In short, more confidence is a natural part of your outfit.

Women with a slimmer backside also tend to buy the best jeans to make bum look bigger. So even for them, push-up jeans add volume and definition. But how do push up jeans really work? I mean how are they any different than traditional denim styles?

It’s time to find out all the features that push-up jeans are so popular for!

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How Do Push Up Jeans Really Work – Features & Functions

1. Stretchy Material

All the magic-like fit and form that the best push up jeans or pants provide are a result of the material. More often than not, stretchy fabric like stretch cotton is used for construction. It’s what offers the most comfortable fit and flattering shape.

These jeans cling to your figure and shape your natural silhouette. The shaping happens more around the hips and thighs. But this is only possible if the material is stretchy. Only then can push-up jeans fit perfectly. While also enhancing your curves!

2. Skinny Leg

The best push up skinny jeans certainly give bell-bottoms a run for their money. For an attractive look, the skinny cut design provides a very flattering shape. It makes your legs look lean and long. And that’s the best part, isn’t it?

So if your body shape is a combination of curvy and short. Then you should opt for skinny push-up jeans. Just make sure the shoes you wear with skinny cuts are slightly wider.

3. Flat Seams

Almost every pair of push up jeans high waist, mid waist, and low waist is equipped with flat seams. But why is that? It’s because flat seams create the much-needed butt-lifting effect.

These types of seams are placed at the back of the jeans. And let me tell you that flat seams aren’t added just for aesthetic purposes. They do more than only enhance the visual appearance of the jeans. Flat seams also enhance your natural curves the most effortlessly and flawlessly.

So if you’re wondering, how do push-jeans actually work? The answer comes in the form of flat seams. It’s the one feature that does the job of making your backside look perky and your figure curvy.

4. Strong Stitching

Apart from flat seams, the strong stitching of push-up jeans also speaks volumes. When the stitching is strong, thus durable, it keeps everything in place. You don’t feel any part of your body or the stitch sticking out.

Just the smoothness against your skin is the kind of experience you should look forward to here. Moreover, strong, thick stitching present in the back pockets of push-up jeans highlight the curvy shape of your butt even more. Many manufacturers use this kind of distinctive stitching for their signature designs.

5. Curvy-Fit

The last but definitely not the least important feature is the curvy fit of push-up jeans. These types of jeans are mainly created for curvy women. So it’s only natural for them to offer a curvy fit. Such a fit does an excellent job when it comes to enhancing your natural shape.

Needless to say, the curvy silhouette of the jeans makes your thighs look smaller and your legs longer. They are often outfitted with a contoured waistband to prevent gapping.

The End Note

After taking everything into consideration, I think push-up jeans are better. In comparison to slim fit jeans. Better in terms of fitting curvier women. I mean you simply cannot expect slim fit jeans to enhance a curvy figure. Plus, you can now wear push-up jeans for both casual and formal events. On the other hand, slim fit jeans are the best only for casual wear.

Whatever the case, most women have more than one pair of jeans. So if you’re inclined toward both the slim fit and push-up effect, then why not get a pair of each? More versatility in the wardrobe is never a bad idea. But, in my opinion, if you have a naturally curvy body shape. Then you should certainly consider buying the best push-up jeans. And for many good reasons!

How Do Push Up Jeans Work