5 Animal Print Clothing Trends for the Winter

Animal Print Clothing Trends

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Animal prints are here to stay and wearable spring to winter. Eye-catching and ultra-cute yet super-practical and easy to wear, they exude a warm, novelty vibe yet feel classic with a hint of vintage.

With so many styles to choose from, your shopping options for animal print clothing are simply endless! When done right, animal print clothing can sizzle up your outfit with a wild charm and flair.

If there’s one word to justifiably describe animal-inspired prints, it’s evergreen.

Clothing styles come and go, but the beloved animal print is here to stay. From tiger-prints to zebra and trusty leopard prints, wildlife-themed patterns are contemporary, classic, and chic.

As Elle Magazine notes, animal prints are one of the biggest fashion trends of spring. A-list celebrities and Instagram influencers alike are choosing animal prints, including hip-hop sensation Nicki Minaj, shoe designer Amina Muaddi, model Bella Hadid, and big-screen sweetheart Scarlett Johansson. Animal prints have gained traction throughout the summer and will be one of winter’s coolest clothing trends, as well.

We’ve got the scoop on the five hottest animal print clothing trends for this winter season.

1. Animal Print Returns to the Runway

Animal prints are one of those clothing trends that never fade away. Yes, the popularity of animal print clothing may come in waves, but it’s never completely going out of style. After all, animal prints have been a fashion staple since the early 1930s.

Once a symbol of regal power, queens, kings, princes, and other members of nobility owned rugs, drapes, and other items in animal prints and in actual animal skins to showcase their rank and social status.

Today, animal prints free of harm to real animals are almost ubiquitous and still the go-to style for royalty. From Queen Maxima of the Netherlands to Meghan Markel and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, the royals still love wearing animal print clothing.

Fast-forward to winter 2021, and animal prints are in right now. They have made a major return to the fashion shows and runways’ fall and spring collections. For example, the Bottega Veneta Fall 2021 collection by Daniel Lee features a beautiful black-and-white zebra stripe coat paired with matching shoes.

Meanwhile, models Marjan Jonkman and Makala Johnson paired ‘70’s retro outfits sporting zebra and leopard prints with fishnet tights for Tom Ford’s 2021 collection. Riccardo Tisci also made headlines for abstracting animal prints on small lightweight dresses for his shows at Paris Fashion Week SS22, according to Vogue Magazine.

Western-inspired cow prints are also on-trend, seen in oversized blazers, winter boots, skirts, purses, and even jeans.

KIRUNDO Women’s Summer Dress Short Sleeve Ruffle Leopard Print Sexy V Neck High Waist Short Flowy Mini Dress with Belt(Khaki, Medium)

2. Today’s Customers Want Function

It’s 2021, and no one wants to choose between function and style in clothing. Women want both, which is why functional fashion is one of the most exciting animal print clothing trends right now. The notion that women must sacrifice comfort to look chic and fashionable is long gone.

Winter and fall collections bring some of the most comfortable and practical pieces of animal print clothing. This applies to everything from high heels, coats, and tank tops to cardigans and blazers. Animal print clothing, such as the variety offered by Sanctuary, brings together the best of both worlds – the relaxed fit of the soft fabric blends and the elegance of bold animal prints.

With such functional and beautiful fashion pieces, wearers feel good and look great without jeopardizing their comfort. So, when shopping for animal print clothing this winter, look for easy wearability and comfort included with style.

XIANIWTA Women's Winter Long Sleeve Coat Faux Fur Overcoat Plus Size Fluffy Top Jacket Leopard

3. Designers Mix Animal Print Clothing with Business Silhouettes

Let’s face it: animal prints are not the first thing that pops into your mind when it comes to styling your business or office outfit. The style is often considered too casual and bold, if not too risqué for formal settings. But not any longer.

Today, forward-thinking designers are mixing animal print clothing with business silhouettes to create fashion forward yet workplace pieces. In essence, they keep their animal print clothing structured, professional, and flowy – think wide-leg office pants, midi skirts, wrap dresses, and well-fitted tops. These pieces pop when paired with business and office classics, such as black, gray, or navy trousers, blazers, and suits.

Animal Print boots
Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

4. The Sporty Casual Way to Wear Animal Print Clothing

Animal print is hands down one of the most versatile styles – borderline neutral. You can use animal print clothing as the foundation for your casual or even professional outfits. But one look that shines above all is sporty casual. Animal prints are ready-made for this!

They can easily go from classy to casual and back. For instance, you can team a brown, long sleeve leopard-print waffle top with blue ripped jeans. A pair of black suede ballerina shoes, a brown leather satchel bag, and brown sunglasses will help complete your cool-meets-casual ensemble.

Combining black leather leggings and a zebra-print blouse creates a beautifully casual ensemble with a remarkably stylish vibe. Ramp up the style of your casual outfit with black sunglasses and a pair of low-top sneakers.

If you’re after relaxed dressing (perhaps for a night out with friends), opt for a skater skirt (preferably in blue) and an animal print blouse. The contemporary vibe takes your outfit to a whole new level of classy casual. Don’t forget to grab a brown leather satchel bag and a pair of black suede ballerinas to give your look a playful hint.

And don’t forget animal print shoes! Consider pairing blue flare jeans with a black leather biker jacket. Throw in a pink bandana and a pair of dark brown sunglasses to the mix and you’re ready to wow the streets.

Statement-making animal print pieces, such as leopard blazers, zebra jackets, and tiger coats, are easy to style, too. For example, a pairing of black bike shorts (or a sheath dress) and a leopard blazer is the perfect combo for everything casual. Complete the ensemble with a white V-neck t-shirt and white athletic shoes.

5. Shoppers Look for New Prints to Explore

If there’s one major trend we’ve seen in animal print clothing this summer, fall, and winter, it’s that shoppers are looking for new prints. Unique animal print options beyond cheetah, leopard, and zebra are the focus of this year’s trend setters and influencers.

Tiger prints were the it-thing last year, but cow prints have taken over the fashion scene. Cowhide prints have found their ways to shirts, blazers, coats, high-heeled boots, and even pants. Snakeskin, giraffe, jaguar, tortoiseshell, peacock, and crocodile prints are also vying for the number one slot.

Wrapping Up

When all’s said and done, animal print is a style that is forever on trend. And now animal print goes to every setting, from the gym to the conference room and anywhere in between. It’s comfortable, practical, and more importantly, stylish.