Do You Have a Thick Waist? The Dresses and Shoes You Should Wear to Flatter Your Figure

Have a Thick Waist?

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Do you have a thick waist? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This is a common figure and a thick waist is just as lovely as a defined waist.

The fashion industry considers this body type as an “apple figure.” Apple figures are “top-heavy,” meaning their shoulders are broader than their hips and their waist isn’t defined.

Do you have trouble dressing your body? There are ways to flaunt your great features while downplaying your waist. You can do this by wearing a variety of dresses and shoes.

Here’s how to dress a thick waist.

Best Dresses

You don’t have to have an hourglass figure to look beautiful in dresses. If you have a thick waist, you just have to wear the right dress. Here are some examples.

Shift Dress

Shift dresses are straight up and town. They help make your figure look symmetrical.

Shift dresses also work for thick waists because they don’t cling to your body. These dresses are also comfortable, versatile for all events, and are available in different colors and patterns.

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Wrap Dress

Do you have to define your waist? While wrap dresses are a staple for women with hourglass figures, this dress style will help draw attention to your waist, helping your waist look smaller.

Choose a dress that’s flowy at the ends and fits at the shoulders to give the illusion of even shoulders and hips to help define your waist even more. V-neck dresses will also help eyes travel to the waist, accentuating it even more.

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A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses are similar to shift dresses. The main difference is how A-line dresses fit in the bust. They’re tighter in this area, accentuating your bust and shoulders.

Many A-line dresses also flare out at the hips, giving your body the illusion of curves.

Opt for A-line dresses with long sleeves. Sleeves flatter all figures and these dresses are perfect for the office.

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Colors to Wear

The type of dress you wear isn’t the only important factor in dressing for your body shape. Color and patterns also impact your shape.

Always stick to black. Black is the most flattering color for everyone. Black creates a slimming illusion and hides flaws. If you want to diversify your color wardrobe, dark purple, blue, and brown also do the trick.

Avoid light colors, especially around the midsection. These will accentuate your figure, specifically your thick waist. You can opt for white and tan pants if you want to accentuate your legs.

The same goes for bright colors. Bright colors will draw attention to your figure. Bright colors make great pants if you want to accentuate your legs. If you’re trying to hide your thick waist, avoid bright colored tops.

What patterns should you wear? Thin, vertical stripes slim your figure and will disguise your waist. Which patterns should you avoid? Horizontal stripes will not only accentuate your thick waist but will also make you look wider.

Loose Dresses

Wearing tight clothes will only highlight your thick waist. Loose dresses will fit better and will disguise your waist. You should also choose dresses that are loose around the hips, creating more curves.

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Maxi Dresses

You also shouldn’t stick to short dresses. Short dresses will only widen your body. While short dresses are great for thick-waisted women with long legs, you should stick to darker-colored dresses that disguise your waist.

Long dresses, also called maxi dresses, vary from knee-length to ankle-length. Maxi dresses will elongate your body, taking away from your waist.

Fortunately, maxi dresses are trending right now.

Maxi dresses are perfect for women of all body types. They’re comfortable and they’re appropriate for all occasions — whether you need a glamorous evening gown for a posh event or a cute sundress for shopping in the summer.

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Layer Your Dresses

You shouldn’t only wear your dresses alone. Layering your dresses can help you hide your waist even more. Layering also adds more depth to any outfit.

Cardigans make the perfect layering tool. They’re lightweight and easy to match with different dresses. Make sure the cardigan is long and loose to hide your waist. Longer cardigans also lengthen your body, perfect for shorter girls.

For colder days, try a jacket. Shorter jackets with dresses can also give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Best Shoes

The shoes you wear also matter. They can impact the shape of your body. Shoes balance your shape and also impact your height.

Thick-waisted girls should avoid dainty shoes. These include thin shoes, flats, and low-rise sneakers.

If you love wearing heels, choose a thicker and chunkier heel. These heels help balance your figure better than skinny heels and also slim your legs.

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The type of shoe you also wear determines how short or tall you are.

If you’re short, pointed-toe heels will make you look taller and slimmer. If you’re tall, high-top sneakers will make you look short. If you prefer the feminine look, ankle straps will also help your legs look shorter.

Are These Fashion Tips Not Working?

Have you tried wearing these dresses and shoes, yet nothing is accentuating your waist? There are other options.

Try getting a tan. Tan skin looks healthy, disguises flaws such as cellulite, and helps hide your thicker waist.

Some women are naturally born with a thick waist, even if they’re skinny. Others have a thick waist because they’re holding extra fat in their waist. Exercise and eat healthy to lose weight and slim down your figure.

If you don’t need to lose weight but want to define your waist, there are other options such as Coolsculpting to remove fat from the waist, helping your waist look smaller. Visit this website for more information.

Hide Your Thick Waist With Dresses and Shoes

Do you have a thick waist? There are plenty of ways to wear cute dresses and shoes to flatter your figure.

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