14 Travel Fashion Hacks And Tricks That Travel Pros Use

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Travelling comes with so many things that have to be done and this includes packing. Packing can be a headache especially if you have so many clothes and limited space.

So how do you pack your bundle of clothes in such a way that they stay in shape?  Well, that’s why am here. I will get you informed of some tricks that will make packing a piece of cake. Do you want to make travelling an easy and stress free process? Get some more insights at etia.com or touristsecrets.com. Our favorite travel agent, The Casual Nomad, uses most of these travel hacks herself.

1. The Clothes-Roll

The first trick on the list is the clothes-roll technique. Rolling your clothes is a great idea because it saves you plenty of space to use for other items. Also, this technique prevents creases and wrinkles from forming on the clothes.

2. Use a Belt for Your Collar

In most cases, you may not have time to iron your shirt after reaching your destination. There is a solution to that. All you have to do is take your belt and coil it right into your shirt’s collar. In this case, you have killed two birds with one stone. You save space and at the same time maintain the stiffness of the collar.

3. Old Newspaper

Shirts have a tendency of getting all wrinkled up when packed. Since no one has the time or energy for ironing, you have to come up with a solution to this problem. Get an old newspaper and place it between your shirt to keep out creases.

4. Use a Shower Cap

It is stressful and cumbersome to carry more than one bag when travelling. If you want to avoid carrying an extra bag for the shoes, use this simple trick. Take a shower cap and put your shoes in it. Doing this will prevent them from ruining your clothes.

5. Use Your Shoes for Extra Space

Packing is all about saving space so that everything fits in the best way possible. Put to use the space inside your shoes by storing socks in there. Just roll the socks and staff them inside your shoes.

6. Put Bulky Clothes on the Top

T-shirts, dresses and shorts can easily be rolled and packed. However, when it comes to jeans, blazers and pants you will have to fold and place them at the top. Therefore, reserve such clothing as the last ones to be put in the suitcase.

7. Last-in First-out

There are times you have to attend a meeting, party or dinner right after you have reached your destination. If this is so, ensure that the outfits you intend to wear are packed on top of your suitcase. This saves you the trouble of having to rearrange and dig through everything.

8. Travel Cubes

Make sure you get yourself a travel case for undergarments.  This makes packing easy since you are able to put them all in one place.

9. Pack Wrinkle Free Fabric

There are several tricks that you can use to prevent wrinkling. However, there is also the option of choosing clothes that are made of fabric that is not prone to wrinkling. For instance, go for knits and fabrics that stretch as opposed to linen and cotton.

10. Take a Mini-Iron

At times creases will form on your clothes despite all your efforts of avoiding them. For this reason, consider having a mini iron with you when you travel. It occupies quite a small amount of space.

11. Use that Shoe Space

Aside from storing socks in your shoes, there is another item that can also fit in there. Your regular lotion and shampoo can easily fit in the space inside your shoes.

12. Use a Straw for Necklaces

Necklaces can get tangled up when stored carelessly. To prevent this and save the time you will spend detangling; simply pass the necklace chain through a straw.

13. Turn it Inside-Out

A jacket is a must have when travelling. Prevent wrinkles by packing it while turned inside out.

14. Use Buttonholes

Keep your earrings on buttonholes. This will prevent them from breaking or getting lost.

15. Anti-Chafing Stick

Many times the hot weather can be hard on your thighs. Don’t take a chance on getting chafe or chub rub. Use an anti-chafing stick to help prevent chafe and chub rub. Whether you are hanging out at the beach or pool or walking around town you need to protect yourself from getting friction issues on your legs, chest and mid section. Zone Naturals has an All Natural formula called ChubRub that is long lasting, all natural and great for travel. Get it at www.zonenaturals.com or www.chubrubhelp.com.

14 Travel Fashion Hacks From The Pros