4 Tips for Finding Cruelty Free Skin Care and Beauty Products

cruelty free skin care

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Did you know that the demand for cruelty free skin care has risen over 175 percent since 2013?

As more and more people learn about the horrors of animal testing, mindful consumers want to support companies that don’t participate in abuse. Not only are cruelty free makeup brands more ethical, but they’re also usually made with higher-quality ingredients.

Are you interested in making the switch to greener beauty products? Keep reading to learn about four tips that can help you find the best skin care products.

When you’re shopping for cruelty free skin care and other beauty products, one simple way to identify safe products is to search for a little bunny logo on the packaging. This logo means that no animals were harmed during the production.

One drawback with this tip is that each company can have different ethics and still qualify for the logo. This is why doing a little extra research can help you confirm whether or not you agree with all of the company’s practices.

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2. Download An App That Has Data On Non-Animal Tested Makeup

Thanks to technology, shopping in stores can’t get any easier. Instead of trying to do a last-minute Google search on your phone, you can simply open an app, scan the product’s barcode, and get an answer immediately. Apps like Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Cutter are trusted and reviewed highly, so you can feel confident that their data is accurate and current.

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3. Consult An Online List Of Cruelty Free Brands

How can you keep track of which makeup brands are cruelty-free when suppliers, ingredients, and regulations can change all the time? The sad news is that while most companies are moving forward with banning animal testing, some are taking steps backwards. Some products that may have been cruelty-free a year ago could no longer be ethical if the company made changes.

This is why consulting an online list that gets updated frequently can give you peace of mind. Animal welfare experts like PETA publish all kinds of helpful guides that can help busy consumers like you make more mindful choices while shopping.

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4. Get In Touch With The Company

If you’re ever in doubt, you can get concrete answers when you speak directly with representatives from the company. Lots of companies make it easy to find their contact information on their website, so sending them an email can be quick. Keeping your email concise is the best way to ensure you get a timely response.

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Cruelty Free Skin Care Is Better For Your Health, The Animals, And The Environment

Now that you know how to find the best cruelty free skin care on the market, you can feel good about supporting companies that have high standards for their products.

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