4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Fitted Blazer

Finding the Perfect Fitted Blazer

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As a woman, a fitted blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe. Women blazers are always in style. And if done right, it can add curves making your extra pounds disappear.

The following are some useful tips to consider when selecting your blazer. Be attentive; it’s time to button up.

Get a Fitted Blazer

Make sure your blazer is neither tight nor loose. For instance, if you can’t hug your friend, wave to a co-worker, or drive your car, the blazer is too tight.

But how do you know whether a blazer fits or not?

You can use this tip; when wearing a blazer, stand close to a wall and lean towards it. If your shoulder and its shoulder pad touch the wall at the same time, it’s a perfect fit. If the shoulder pad touches the wall first, it’s big. However, if the shoulder pad doesn’t rest on the wall, it’s too small.

If you’re in doubt, ensure that the seams match directly with your shoulders.

Here’s what to look for when you’re looking for fitted blazers.


1. Start by Checking the Shoulders

Shoulder adjustments are costly and very intricate. Look for a blazer style that fits your shoulders.

But most ladies will experience shoulder-fit quirks. For a fitting blazer, its shoulder seam hits where your shoulder ends. If it’s closer to your neck, then it’s too small.

If you’re in a fitting room, try and give yourself a gentle hug. If it pulls a lot, then it’s not your best bet.

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2. Check the Sleeves

A sleeve adjustment is cheap and straightforward. But the cost is likely to be high if the blazer is lined.

How do you know whether the sleeves are fitting?

A full-length blazer should hit above your thumbs top joint when you’re standing. The wrist should be covered.SUSIELADY Womens Notched Lapel Pocket Single Button Casual Work Office Blazer Jacket Slim Fit Blazer for Business Lady

3. Consider Your Bust

Before making the purchase, consider how it fits on your busts. In most cases, women with large breasts are likely to experience pulling. Therefore, if a blazer doesn’t fit your boobs, you’ll notice.

But how do you know whether it fits on your busts?

If it fits correctly, it should cover half the size of each breast. It should also skim the covered area without wrinkling or bunching. Ideally, your blazer should fit on your busts, whether you’ve buttoned or not. As such, any blazer that fits when buttoned and acts loose when unbuttoned will not be as versatile.

4. Check the Torso

A good blazer should follow your curves without sagging or pulling. A smaller blazer is likely to cause wrinkles on your torso. A great blazer leaves gobs of extra fabric in your midsection.

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Are you looking for a fitting blazer to buy? A good blazer adds polish and structure to any outfit.

However, it can be challenging to choose your blazer.

Very few ladies can get into a store and grad an off-the-rack blazer that fits in every way. The best way, visit a tailor to haul your blazers.