4 Top Reasons Your Hair is Damaged

4 Top Reasons Your Hair is Damaged

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Dealing with broken, damaged, and plain dry hair is no fun for anyone. You don’t like the way it looks, your hair stylist continues to threaten to chop it all off, and yet we still want to style our hair using damaging tools and products.

After all, we want to look good right?

Understanding what is causing your hair to become so unsightly may help you cater to your hair’s needs while styling it so that it remains luscious, long, and healthy.

That’s why today we are sharing with you the top reasons you hair is becoming damaged and ways you can help avoid this damage.

1. Too Much Heat

Heat styling tends to wreak havoc on anyone’s hair, no matter the type. And, if you are using heat styling tools on your hair (think curlers and flat irons), chances are you have some seriously damaged strands.

If you must heat style your hair, apply some heat protectant serum to keep your hair in check while under the heat.

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2. Blow-Drying Soaked Hair

Not only will trying to blow-dry dripping wet hair take forever, especially if your hair is long, the truth is, blow drying your hair for longer than necessary zaps all of its moisture and leads to breakage.

Here are some tips to help save your hair, even if you must blow-dry it:

  • Blow-dry hair that has been drying for a while (try towel drying a bit)
  • Select the best hair dryer on the market for added heat protection
  • Apply a heat protectant, especially if you will heat style afterwards
  • Don’t tug too hard on just dried hair to prevent breaking strands in half

As you can see, blow-drying is okay, so long as you take care of your hair in the process.

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3. Lacking Moisture

If you combine a lack of hydration, constant blow-drying, and excessive heat styling when it comes to your precious hair, it is probably safe to say your hair is drier than the Sahara desert.

That’s why choosing nourishing shampoo and conditioner is the first step to protecting your hair from lacking in moisture. A second step may include diy hair masks for damaged hair.

In addition, you might want to consider the type of water you use to wash your hair. For instance, hard water contains chlorine and heavy metals that are harsh on your hair and aid in drying it out. If you don’t have access to a water softener, invest in a showerhead filter and watch the strength, shine, and moisture seep back into your hair in no time.

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4. Chemicals

Regularly coloring your hair is bound to damage it after a while, no matter how healthy your hair was when you first started applying color. That’s because the chemicals in hair dye over-process your hair, stripping it of its natural nutrients that keep it healthy and strong.

If you are a fan of coloring your hair (and many of us are!), try chopping off overdone hair every now and again to give your hair a fresh start.

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In the end, there is no stopping people from blow drying, heat styling, and coloring their hair. However, if you take the time to learn how hair becomes excessively damaged, you may be able to prevent such damage, dryness, and poor looking hair.