What to Look For in a Good Hair Stylist

good hair stylist

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Finding the best possible hair stylist to do your hair can be difficult. There are over 700,000 hair stylists in the United States, after all, so finding one that suits your needs can be a tricky prospect.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure you have the best stylist for the job. Read on for the top tips for finding a good hair stylist.

Do Your Research

First, you’ll want to do very careful research to find what your hair style options actually are. Look at an online beauty directory in your area to see all the offerings available near you.

Compare these listings with online reviews to see what others think of different stylists and salons. That way, you can see what real people have experienced, so you can start weighing the pros and cons of different hair stylists.

Look at Their Social Media

Nowadays, many hair stylists will post before and after photos of their work on their Instagram pages or other social media. This is one great way to see if a hair stylist is up to doing what you’re looking for.

Look for photos of clients that have hair similar to yours, to make sure that the stylist you choose has experience with your hair’s texture and presentation. They may be a good stylist for people with stick-straight hair, but not so much for people with big curls.

Make Sure They Consider Your Specific Hair

A good hair stylist will take an in-depth look at your hair, and decide what needs to or can be done based on its texture, health, and other factors.

If a hair stylist doesn’t consider your hair carefully before making the cut, you may want to look elsewhere for a hair stylist.

See How Well They Listen

The best hair stylists actually listen to what you want. Consider how well your hair stylist follows your instructions, and whether or not they actually incorporate your thoughts into what they execute. While they might be able to do exactly what you want, a good hair stylist will talk to you about it and be able to come up with a compromise. 

Look at Their Credentials

Look into your potential stylists’ experience and credentials before you go in. Some areas offer licenses for cosmetologists, which could be a good sign that your hair stylist is qualified.

See if there’s a bio for your stylist on the salon website, and if it lists how many years of experience your stylist has. It should also list what education your stylist has, and if they have any other beneficial qualifications.

While education and experience doesn’t mean everything, it could be a good sign that your stylist knows what they’re doing.

Find a Good Hair Stylist Today

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have no problem finding a good hair stylist for your needs.

We can help you out with more beauty and style tips. Just head over and check out some of the other articles on this site today.

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