Follow These 8 Tips for Healthier Hair

Tips for Healthier Hair

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Maintaining healthy, nourished hair is an important self-care technique. Taking the time to build a hair care routine can smooth hair, tame flyaways, or reduce breakage. As an added benefit, nourishing your hair prevents hair loss. Here are some tips to help improve your hair’s condition.

1. Use the Correct Shampoo

Take the time to identify your hair and scalp type. Ask family and friends that have a similar hair type for product recommendations. Read Function of Beauty reviews to learn about customizable treatments for your hair. Keep in mind your hair texture and your ultimate hair goals like controlling frizz, increasing volume, adding shine, or protecting color.

2. Limit Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are great at removing sweat odors from your hair or reducing oil on your scalp. Use them sparingly, as the drying agents can cause strands to break.

3. Shampoo and Condition Properly

Apply about a quarter-sized amount of shampoo, focusing on your scalp. After your scalp, gently work shampoo through the length of your hair to nourish the strands before rinsing. Then work conditioner onto your scalp. Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least one minute before rinsing with cool water. Washing your hair every two or three days is sufficient for normal or dry hair. Oily hair may require more frequent washing.

4. Increase Circulation

Hand-held scalp massagers stimulate blood movement to your hair follicles and can improve the strength and thickness of your hair. It is a relaxing self-care ritual that you can perform at the end of the day. Some people prefer to use their fingers, rather than a massager. Either way, massage your scalp daily for four minutes. Massage in a circular pattern with even pressure.

5. Ditch the Towel

Squeeze excess water out of your hair before drying with a cotton T-shirt. Wrap the tee around your hair for about 15 minutes, then squeeze out any additional water. Follow your normal drying and styling routine. The fabric is smoother than a typical towel and prevents your strands from breaking.

6. Use a Mask

Give your strands a boost of nourishment with a weekly hair mask treatment. Masks are designed with specific oils and nutrients that your hair needs. Select one that meets your hair goals and pamper yourself with this special treatment.

7. Limit the Heat

Heat puts a lot of stress on your hair, especially if it is thin or dry. It can increase the chance of breakage, making your hair frizzy. Try to limit the number of times in a week you use heat on your hair. Reducing the heat setting on your styling tools can prevent damage.

8. Revisit Your Diet

A nutritious diet is a great step to strengthen your hair from the hair follicles out. Increase your protein intake and consider adding a multi-vitamin to your nutrition plan. Stay hydrated and limit your alcohol consumption to help strengthen your hair. Be sure to maintain a healthy number of calories in your diet.

Add these strategies into your self-care routine to help improve the look, feel, and health of your hair.