4 Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair Instantly

Add Volume To Fine Hair

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Are you suffering from limp, lifeless thin hair? It’s easy to transform thin hair with a few lifestyle changes and styling hacks. Here are a few tips to help you add more bounce to fine tresses.

1. Blow Dry Upside Down

Blowing your hair upside downs helps to build more texture and volume, especially if you aim the nozzle at the roots. Don’t start styling your real, human hair immediately but opt to rough dry your hair until it’s almost completely dry in order to create more texture and volume.

Stay clear of ionic dryers which can weigh fine hair down even further and opt for a ceramic hair dryer since it won’t weigh fine hair down. If your hair is fragile and damage you may want to adjust your hair dryer’s heat settings to the coolest temperature in order to prevent future damage.

Blow dry your hair until it’s completely dry. Leaving it damp can cause your hair to weigh down and look lifeless.

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2. Avoid Washing Daily

Washing your hair daily strips hair of it’s natural oils which can be extra damaging to hair that’s already delicate. Fine hair can look extra voluminous with the use of dry shampoo. Wash your hair once every 4-5 days and use dry shampoo in between washes in order to keep hair looking clean and smelling fresh. Dry shampoo will actually create texture and give you the illusion of fuller, thicker tresses.

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3. Watch Your Diet

Fine or thin hair can sometimes be the result of a poor diet. Hair is made out of keratin which is a form of protein. Make sure that you’re getting in enough protein as anemia can be a leading cause of thinning hair for many women. Get in enough protein by taking in more chicken, beef and eggs. If you’re a vegetarian opt for beans,  Greek yoghurt and quinoa. If you’re finding it difficult to increase your protein intake consider taking a supplement like protein powder.

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4. Avoid Conditioner On The Roots

An excessive amount of conditioner can weigh your hair down and leave it feeling thick and heavy. Only apply conditioner where you really need it like your ends and perhaps the mid-section of your hair if you have dry and damaged locks.

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5. Bonus

Lastly, if all the above options fail to add volume to your fine hair, might we suggest that you buy hair extensions. We promise no one will be the wiser, and your secret is safe with us.

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How To Add Volume To Fine Hair


How To Add Volume To Fine Hair Instantly
4 Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair Instantly