Vintage, Chic, and Ready for Summer

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Summer is here! Now that summer has arrived, you may find it slightly more difficult to find ways to style your vintage clothing without looking like you are wearing a costume. Items like cardigans, tights, and jackets are too hot to wear in the summer, which can help make a vintage piece feel more modern. You can implement these vintage summer style tips to give new life to your vintage pieces during winter months

Lighten Up

Warmer weather calls for brighter colors, such as pastels, brights, and shades of white. Look for bright colors and prints to welcome the warmer weather in style. Many vintage summer items include light-colored plaids, floral prints, and designs that feel like summer. Even if you only own dark pieces, you can brighten them up by adding colorful accessories or shoes to the mix to make them feel more like summer.

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Choose fabrics wisely: Put away heavy, winter fabrics, such as wool and thick polyester. Stick to natural-woven fibers in the summer, such as cotton and linen and avoid anything that looks like it was meant for winter wear. If you want convenient wear without sacrificing aesthetic, consider wearing a carmen dress made of linen. Vintage items often have stricter seasonal uses than modern garments, and if you try to wear a winter-weight item in the summer, you will melt.

Accessorize Without Abandon

In the summer, you will likely wear a few clothing pieces as possible. Many vintage retro clothing pieces can stand alone, but without careful accessorizing, it is possible to look like you plan to attend a costume party. Add a colorful scarf in a complimenting color to brighten your look and distract from an old-fashioned neckline. Wear a modern belt to add style without weight. Jewelry provides an easy way to accessorize and outfit in the summer months. If you want to enhance the vintage look, rather than distract from it, try tying a scarf close around your neck, or around your head for a vintage appearance.

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Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Your shoe choice can determine the seasonal appropriateness of your outfit. Save the black shoes and suede for the fall and winter. Summer is the time to break out light-colored shoes and sandals. Pair vintage outfits with modern shoe choices to avoid the costume look, or embrace the whole vintage package by pairing vintage shoes with your other vintage pieces.

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Pick the Right Jewelry

Large, heavy jewelry is out of place in hot weather. Stick to small, cool pieces in the summer to add extra style flair to your outfits. A stack of bracelets can show off your bare arms in style. Try an ankle bracelet or toe ring for an unexpected jewelry addition when legs and toes are exposed. Lightweight necklaces and earrings blend well with casual and dressy summer styles alike.

Summer Vintage Makeup Tips

Hair and makeup is important in the summer just as it is in cooler weather. However, hot temperatures make it harder to keep your makeup looking good. Try switching to tinted moisturizer for lightweight coverage that won’t melt off throughout the day. If you must stick to your normal foundation, use plenty of moisturizer underneath to keep your skin hydrated. Put on a small amount of blush on the jaw line for a vintage look. Line the eyes with black or brown eyeliner and wing the top of the eye to mimic the eye makeup styles of the past. Finish the look with a bright red lip for maximum impact.

Style Me Vintage: Make Up: Easy step-by-step techniques for creating classic looks

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Cool and Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles work perfectly in summer temperatures, because many vintage styles pull the hair away from the face and the neck. Try a high pony tail for classic 1950s style. Curl your hair in loose waves, then pull it back into a messy bun at the nape of the neck to add old Hollywood glamour to any vintage summer style. Pull your hair back in a snood for a no-fuss vintage look that will keep you cool all summer long.

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist

Wearing vintage in the summer is a fun, simple way to add elegance and refinement to summer clothing. Vintage pieces not only dress up everyday outfits, but also help keep you cool at home or work. Try these styling tips today to maximize the usefulness of your vintage pieces this summer.