Five Tips To Master Taylor Swift’s Flawless Red Lip Look

Taylor Swift performing Red Tour in St. Louis, Missouri

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Taylor Swift performing Red Tour in St. Louis, Missouri

If Taylor Swift is known for one thing, it’s her signature red lips. No matter the music video, award show or live performance, it isn’t Taylor Swift without sultry red painted perfectly on her lips. While Taylor Swift often has the help of makeup artists and professionals on her side, the classic red lip look is still attainable. Keep reading to get a few tips for mastering Taylor Swifts’ flawless red lip look:

Skin Tone

You and Taylor doubtfully have the same exact skin tone. This means that different types of red will look better on you than they do on her. For women with lighter skin tones, aim for cooler reds with blue undertones, like a cherry lipstick. Bronze skin requires pink-based hues of red, and darker toned skin looks best with warmer red lipsticks that use orange or brown.


White Teeth

Red lips on yellow teeth do not look inviting. One of the main reasons Taylor Swift can pull off the bright red is the fact her teeth are brilliantly white. For at home care, choose a whitening toothpaste or whitening mouthwash to give your teeth some extra sparkle. If that still isn’t enough, head to your dentist and seek professional whitening treatments. These kinds of treatments will help your stunning white smile to last much longer than at home care.


First Layer

Like the face, you need to ready the lips to both hold and enhance color. Since red tends to bring out any flaw, exfoliate the lips with a lip exfoliator to get off any and all dead skin. Once that is done, add regular lip concealer to the lips. This background color guarantees the actual hue of the lipstick will be brought out.


Lip Liner

This is actually a very important step, no matter how poorly many people use it. Lip liner is used to keep the lipstick in place while enhancing its flawlessness. To do this properly, only put small dots along the edge of your lips. Once you’re happy with the shape, connect these.


Balancing Act

For the final look, keep everything else on the face modest. With one area already drawing in all of the attention, something like dramatic eye makeup will only confuse the eye. With subtle eye makeup, modest blush, and a classic hairstyle, you can rock the red lip look without it being overkill.

While Taylor’s Swift red lip look is her signature, you can copy her style with the right tools and tips. With a few tricks of the trade, you too can achieve classic red lips that burst with color. Just remember to always play to your strengths. If you don’t, you’ll quickly end up crossing the line between what’s tempting and what’s plain tacky.

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Taylor Swift's Red Lips