5 Jewelry Trends From The ’90s That Are Making a Major Comeback

Jewelry Trends From The '90s

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Jewelry is a great way to accent any outfit. Historians think that it has been an adornment since as early as 1600 BC. However, the way people wear jewelry and the types of pieces they choose has changed countless times over the years. It all depends on what’s in style.

Any jewelry blog will tell you that jewelry trends from the ’90s are cute, iconic, and a little cheesy. And now, they are making a major comeback.

For example, were you aware that plastic fruit-inspired pieces are a current trend and not just a thing of the past?

Here’s a guide to the 90’s jewelry trends that are maybe even more popular in 2020 than they were originally!

1. Chokers

Chokers were everywhere in the ’90s, and the same can be said about 2020. You may not have noticed it because they can be subtle, but now you’ve read this, you’ll see chokers everywhere you look.

If you want to go extra ’90s with it, choose one of the classic stretchy plastic chokers. These are the ones that’ll get people asking, “Is that a tattoo,” hence their commonly used nickname, “tattoo chokers.” These come in pretty much every color under the sun, so you’re sure to find one you like.

To take a more modern twist, you could choose a minimal choker made out of gold or silver (rather than plastic) to give you a more refined look.

Chokers don’t have to be cheesy, but they can be! It’s totally up to you and what works with your style.

2. Fruit-Themed Pieces

Yes, you need to eat fruit, but now it’s trendy to wear it again, too!

Cherry earrings, sparkly fruit pendants, golden pineapple necklaces—you name the fruit, there’s a piece of jewelry inspired by it.

Again, like with chokers, you can go for the classic bright plastic pieces for a fun, vibrant look, or you can choose a classier style.

These pieces are quintessential ‘90s accessories that scream vintage and retro, so if that’s your style already, this could be the extra flair you’ve been seeking.

3. Puka Shells

Puka shell jewelry—yes, like the type you used to bring home from vacation as a kid. These shells are in the midst of a revival. Prada even modeled it twice on the runway in 2018!

There are so many ways to wear puka shells—as a necklace pendant, ring, earrings, the list is nearly endless. While it is one of the cheesier ’90s trends to have made a comeback, they’re proving very popular in the fashion community.

You can impress everyone this summer by cracking out some puka shell jewelry at the beach!

4. Anklets

Anklets are a fun accessory that went underrated for a while, but at long last, they are back in fashion.

There are various types of anklets, from those made of woven string to fancier options made of gold and silver. These are great for spring and summer when your ankles tend to be on show more than the colder months.

The only issue with anklets is they can easily slip away without you noticing if you’re not careful. You need to make sure, whether its string, gold, or anything in between, that you fasten your anklet tightly and securely each time you put it on to avoid losing it.

5. Chains

Chunky chain necklaces and bracelets have become a fashion staple in 2020. Everyone from your cousin to your favorite influencer is wearing them, so why not get on board yourself?

These are easily made classy or casual depending on the rest of your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup choices. They can suit anyone, any style, and are an easy way to jazz up an otherwise dull look without going over the top.

Thinner, subtler options are also available and currently considered fashionable as well, so if you’re not ready for the chunky statement pieces, you can start with a minimal approach instead.

5 Jewelry Trends From The '90s