6 Genius Beauty Secrets From Spanish Women

6 genius beauty secrets from spanish women

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Spanish women are famous all across the globe because of their glowing, flawless skin. They have an easy-going and natural look that makes women from all the other regions look for their beauty schedule.

These are some of the best beauty ‘secrets’ from the Spanish women that you need to know and include in your skincare routine:

1. Drink Plenty of Warm Water

One might think that in a warm country like Spain, people would prefer drinking cool drinks instead of warm ones. But Spanish women have understood the importance of drinking warm water.

They prefer warm water as it keeps your body hydrated and facilitates better blood circulation. It also helps your body conserve energy as no additional energy is required to heat it. While we all know that drinking sufficient amounts of water everyday keeps our skin healthy, Spanish women have taken it a step further by drinking at least a glass of warm water daily.

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2. Plenty of Physical Exercises

Spanish women are generally quite skinny and athletic. You might think that they hit the gym more often than you do but it’s the contrary. Spanish women tend to get a lot of physical work done during the course of the day. They opt for taking the stairs or walking to shorter distances. Also, cycling for a couple of kilometers regularly is a common activity amongst them.

Instead of spending time in the gym, they try to get in as much physical activity as they can while doing everyday tasks. These conscious efforts to ensure some physical activity all throughout the day is the secret behind their thin bodies.

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3. A Light but Healthy Diet

Spanish women never restrict their food and go on diets. Instead, the food they consume is very light and consists of almost all the important nutrients that the body requires. They also cook protein-rich food and ensure minimum fat ingredients which helps them keep in shape.

They eat plenty of fruits that provide them with many minerals that keep their skin glowing and smooth. Regular fruits in their diets like mango and pomegranate help them keep their skin bright and pores open. Instead of eating a lot of food at once, the Spanish women eat several small meals during the course of the day which prevents them from overeating and helps them stay energetic at all times of the day.

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4. They Cook Food With Olive Oil

Spain is the largest exporter of olive oil in the world. Spanish women use plenty of it in their food as it keeps the food light and has several health benefits.

Not only that, Spanish women have realized that olive oil not only makes their meals tasty but has numerous benefits for their skin as well. It is widely used as a massage oil by the Spanish women as it helps smoothen the skin, unclog pores and give the skin a glowing appearance. In fact, olive oil is regularly used as an ingredient in homemade face masks and hair masks.

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5. They Protect Their Skin

Spanish women are well aware of how beneficial it is for their skin to get plenty of sunlight. However, they also know that too much exposure will end up giving them unwanted tan or worse, sunburns.

As much as they love avoiding sunburns, they love getting into the sea. Spanish women use the sea-salt as a natural exfoliator for their skin and for that reason, they often head out to the beach. That is why they always apply sunscreen whenever they head out to the beach. In this way, they protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun while also getting plenty of vitamin D and spending time in the sea.

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6. They Apply a Thin Layer of Eyeliner

One thing all of us struggle to get right is our eyeliner. Often, we apply a thick layer that tends to steal the spotlight instead of our eyes. Spanish women instead apply a really thin layer that intensifies their big, bold eyes. 

Applying a thin layer of eyeliner helps the Spanish women highlight their beautiful eyes instead of taking focus away from them and to the eyeliner.

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Over to You…

As we mentioned earlier, a major part of the Spanish women’s beauty regimen includes natural techniques. The use of natural products and methods is what gives them their flawless, natural look. If you want to get a step closer to getting that beautiful natural look, make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned tips and use natural products from this Spanish blog.

6 genius beauty secrets from spanish women