5 Tips For Getting Your Clothes Off Of Your Floor And Into Your Closet

Getting Your Clothes Off Of Your Floor

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Cleaning your home can be one of the most boring chores of them all if you don’t see the fun of it. It is never easy to find the best and most productive ways to clean up especially when it comes to cleaning out your closet. Coming up with closet organization ideas that utilize space in the most efficient way can even seem a little complex and difficult. Yet, it can also be a really great way to express your creativity while also tackling a home improvement project, so why not give a few things a try?

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Spider webs, mold and dust love the damp darkness of your closet. You may have things like this in your closet that you have never even noticed before. That is why it is essential for you to take time to actually clean your closet with different cleaning supplies and chemicals. The last thing you want is for things to start growing and living in there. That is why it is essential for you to clean it out pretty regularly. Taking the time to really clean your closet can provide a nice clean place for you to store your clothes and shoes. It is definitely well worth the work.

Cleaning your closet is one thing, but you should also clean out your clothing every few months. When you are going to clean out your closet take time to try on your clothes. If something doesn’t look good to you or you think the clothing isn’t in your size, put it in one pile. If you haven’t worn something in over one year, and you honestly don’t think you’ll wear it in the next year, put it in that same pile. Eventually, you’ll have a whole pile of clothes you can wash and donate to charity, and you’ll have closet space to devote to the clothes you want to wear most.

2. Utilize Space

Most of us don’t use all of the space we have in our closest, and that’s really unfortunate. Whether it’s the space on the inside walls or your closet, on the door, or on the floor, I would guess there are tons of space in your closets going unused. Why not get the most out of your closet? Put shoe racks on the inside of your closet doors. Put hangers on the interior walls of your closet. Put dress shoes and other smaller things you may need but not wear often on the floor instead of giving them shelf space or leaving them around your room. These are just three ways you can use all of the space in your closet.

3. Organize By Section And Season

If you’re fortunate enough to have a basement or other storage space inside like that, consider putting your clothes in airtight bags and in storage when it’s not the right season to wear them. It looks better than having everything in piles that have been crammed into your closet, and it also gives you the space to have more clothing in your closet that you might actually wear soon.

It’s also important to organize by “section,” or type of clothing. Putting all of your dress shirts together in descending color order, or putting your gray slacks in one place can help you when you need to get dressed in a hurry or when you’re looking to see what clothes you should get rid of, and which you should purchase more of.

4. Make The Space Your Own

Put a coat of paint up in a color you love. Doing that can really add some personality to your closet. You could also organize a fun DIY activity for yourself and other family and friends to create a shoe rack for your closet door. There are so many cheap, often free ways to express yourself when it comes to your closet space, so try it. Why not add some fun to this project?

5. Save Money

Make sure you have the money to do any substantive work on your closet that is needed. Saving money is hard, and it can seem unmotivating to save money for closet space you don’t spend much time in, but it’s worth it. Saving money by using this and other credit unions is an easy way to start getting in the habit of saving money for spicing up your closet but also in general.
Cleaning your closet can look like a daunting task, especially when you take a look inside, but it’s really not, and here are five easy things you can do to make your closet look better today.