Time To Add Some Style to Your Bedroom

Add Style to Your Bedroom

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Last Updated on January 27, 2024 by Steal the Style

Our bedrooms can often be very hard to decorate. It is an intimate place, and you have juggle between it being functional, cozy and still stylish. This is very difficult to do when you have to decorate it. Sometimes we like to spend extra money on bedroom furniture, but nevertheless the room still seems like it is missing some pieces. We can hardly achieve that magazine look that we sometimes strive for. Some small tricks could help with styling your bedroom and it won’t put you through too much trouble. Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom look more stylish with ease.

The Rug

Nobody likes touching the cold floor with their feet first thing in the morning. Let a nice cushy rug be the first thing your feet touch in the morning and start your day on a positive note. Add some style to your bedroom with a comfortable rug that will give your room a unique look. Get one with colors matching the rest of the room, especially the bed sheets, walls and drapes.

The Windows

When decorating your room try not to look past the windows. Every bedroom has them, and if you put them in a really nice wooden frame it can look amazing. Although wood is high maintenance, it performs and looks better than simple PVC window frames. Another way to improve your bedroom look is to add long curtains to your windows, letting them fall down to the floor. A sweet spot for curtains is to keep them not too narrow or not too closed during the day.

The Mattress

Bedroom got its name for a reason, and for it to be flawless it needs a good mattress. It is crucial for a good night sleep or a quick afternoon nap after a day at work. Besides being stylish and good looking you also want your mattress to be cold and to provide lumbar support. If you are still looking for that utterly posh king single mattress that will complement your room, you can find some online. And don’t forget the bed sheets to match the drapes or a rug in your room.

The Walls

Don’t forget about the walls in your room. Leaving them naked and empty can make your room feel and look boring. You can simply spice things up with some decorative art and some pictures. Just make sure to put nails in carefully so you don’t damage the wall, or if you are not sure about it call a professional. If you want to take it to a whole new level, you could accent the walls with finishes.

Paint it with a color to complement the rest of the room. Put on some wallpaper, they can add a modern or traditional look to your bedroom. Choose some patterns and put some stickers on your wall, these are quite cheap and can be easily removed later. Add some country or rustic feel to your bedroom by using wood paneling.

The Dresser

A simple dresser or a set of drawers can be a great place to display your belongings. A great dresser should also include a mirror to allow you to get ready and walk out of your bedroom in style. You can keep your jewelry, watch, fragrances and similar items on it and make them easy to find when you need to get up in a hurry.

Follow these helpful tips and upgrade your room with simple steps. You don’t have to change every piece of it, start small and change your dresser or your rug to start with.