Tips For Styling Your Belt Choices

Styling Your Belt

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Finding the right belt that can work for your style can be a difficult thing to do since so many options abound. You can get a leather belt buckle, a wide stretchy belt, or even a shoelace belt.

Your belt choice should depend on the type of style you are going for, and this article is here to help. Here are some fashion tips to help you get one of the most important pieces in your closet to work for you.

When to Wear a Belt

It’s always a good time to wear a belt! Not only can they keep your pants up, but they can also keep your shirt tucked in and just give you an overall sense of security where your top clothing meets bottom clothing.

A good way to think about using the belt is as a transition break between a loose top and tight bottom, or a loose bottom and a tight top. You can even put the belt on over a jacket if you really wanted to show it off.

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Matching the Belt

It can be tricky choosing just one belt to get the job done on all your outfits. A good way to avoid having a mismatched belt to outfit is to have a brown and black belt at least. A good rule of thumb is that if you are dressing formally or plan on tucking your shirt in, be sure that your belt matches the color of your shoes.

Since everyone’s style preferences are different, you will just have to try on what you want to until you like what you see. If you are satisfied with how you look, that’s all that matters!

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A Couple Ways to Wear a Belt

You can wear your belt in a number of different ways, one of those being over a blouse or tunic. A belt can help lock in that loose top and keep your shirt smooth and secure.

You can also wear the belt as a statement piece, where the color of the belt doesn’t match anything else you are wearing, thus giving it an accented look.

You can also wear a thicker belt higher on your waist if you are just looking to show off your body outline.

Now that you know how to style your belt properly, you’ll be left to pick between belts of all kinds and shapes and sizes, hopefully looking great in the end!