5 Tips to Craft a Unique Personal Style

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Are you struggling to craft a fashion style that’s unique to your personality? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most fashionistas are always trying to stay current with the latest trends while keeping their looks unique, which is a difficult balance to maintain.

Sometimes when a trend pops up that screams “you,” it’s out of fashion in a few months. So, how can you always find a way to make your style, no matter what’s in season?

Follow these five tips to develop a unique style you can always fall back on. 

1. Build Up Your Foundations

If you build a house without a solid foundation, it will crumble. The same goes for your closet. If you do not have good-quality and multi-functional pieces, you won’t have much versatility in your wardrobe.

Foundations might seem a bit boring, but imagine not having your favorite pair of jeans. You should have at least three pairs of every type of look, ranging from accessories to skorts.  

Among other things, you’ll want to have jeans, shorts, and some solid tops to build up your foundations. 

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2. Go Vintage

With the basics taken care of, it’s time to tap into your imagination. You’d be surprised how many people are afraid to dream up their own vintage looks and bring their visions to reality.


Not everyone has the guys to go out with stunning vintage pin up dresses, but it’s impossible not to be unique when you channel authentic retro vibes.

Find a catalogue from your favorite decase with plenty of looks to study – then use those models are your inspiration and go full vintage!

You can also find plenty of designs on Instagram or through a quick Google search.

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3. Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Designers/Models

Though high-fashion looks generally work best on the runway, you can still draw inspiration from Fashion Week.

Investigate designers and models who interest you  and see what stores they collaborate with. Keeping tabs on some heartbeats in the fashion industry will help you expand your personal style

You can go through the social media of models and fashion designers, but also follow their fashion shows. Make it part of your regular practice to tune in to runway shows. Make note of what sparks your interest, and then try to find pieces that inspire the same feelings. 

4. Invest in High-Quality Custom Pieces

Though going thrifting and shopping has its perks, getting a piece custom designed is another level.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get clothes customized to your body. Look through local businesses and you might just find a custom tailor. From there, you can start by taking pieces you already own to the store. The professional will adjust the clothing to suit your body perfectly. 

Once you feel comfortable doing that, bring up having a custom piece designed. The tailor will either recommend you to someone else, or start the design process. 

5. Look for Yard/Estate Sales

People get rid of clothes all the time. Unfortunately, with the fast-fashion and trend culture we live in, many beautiful pieces get thrown away or forgotten about.

That’s where doing a bit of hunting comes in. Look around for yard or estate sales in your neighborhood. You never know what you’ll find – maybe an old jacket with a unique history.

The beauty of these neighborhood sales is that you never know what you’ll find. Some days you’ll come out with nothing, while other days will result in a jackpot of new fashion pieces. 

Remember that Fashion is An Evolving Journey

Once you’ve dedicated yourself to developing your aesthetic, it’s time to play. Fashion is beautiful because it never stays the same. Play with trends, but start developing your unique style by turning your eye towards inspirational artists.