How to Put on Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

how to put on fake eyelashes

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Do you love the look of thick and fluffy eyelashes but you haven’t been genetically blessed with them? Sure, mascara helps, but if you use too much your lashes can end up spidery or clumpy instead of pretty.

Why not put on fake lashes? 

While fake eyelashes were once considered over-the-top for normal makeup looks, they’re trendy and easily available now. 

It looks scary to put on falsies, but it’s easier than it looks once you get the hand of it. Keep reading to learn how to put on fake eyelashes.

Trim Your Lashes 

When you get a new set of strip lashes, they won’t be fit to your eye unless you’re very lucky. Most of the time, you have to trim a bit off of the ends so they don’t extend past your eye. 

Trim less than you think is necessary and go bit by bit until they’re the right length. You want to hold the lash as if you were sticking it onto your eyelid to see where the excess starts. 

Apply Lash Glue

Unless you have magnetic lashes, you want to apply lash glue to the strip at the base. Make sure that you get a glue that dries clear or black so you don’t end up with white blotches.

Use a thin line of glue and make sure that it goes from end to end so you don’t have peeling lashes during the day. 

You’re going to have to let the glue dry for about 30 seconds before you’re able to put it on your eye. Use this time to give yourself a good hard look in the mirror to mentally prepare for the next step.

The Hard Part

When you’re a first-timer, you want to get as close to the mirror as possible to apply fake eyelashes. You can hold the ashes with your fingers or with a set of tweezers, but many people find tweezers easier to start with.

It’s best if you have a tabletop makeup mirror that you can tilt upward. This way, you’re looking down and presenting more of your eyelid without having to close your eye.

Set the eyelash lightly over your natural lash and make sure the ends rest in the right spots. Your fake eyelash application is complete

End With Eyeliner 

Once your lashes are on, most of the hard part is over. You’ll notice that they look out of place, and that’s okay. The next step is to apply liquid or gel eyeliner to help them blend in. 

You’ll notice that the band resembles thin eyeliner already, so if you like the thin look, only apply eyeliner to the inner and outer corners where the lash ends. If you prefer a more dramatic liner, you can do your standard eyeliner look, but be careful to use a light hand over the band or it will look too thick. 

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes the Easy Way

Learning how to put on fake eyelashes requires doing it. While reading the steps is helpful, you’ll find that trying it out a few times is the key to getting the muscle memory and technique down. 

Go out and find a set of affordable lashes for your first try!

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