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Eyelash Extension

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Thick spectacular eyelashes are an important detail in the image, especially for women. But, unfortunately, nature does not endow everyone with such beauty. The classic solution of the problem —mascara — provides a short-term result and often fails in the most crucial minutes. An alternative to decorative cosmetics has become a relatively new beauty service — eyelash extensions with the help of silk lashes.

What Is Eyelash Extension?

An eyelash extension is a procedure to increase the volume and length of natural lashes with the help of artificial hairs that mimic the natural lash line. Hypoallergenic synthetic fibers are used as a main material. The technique of extension is that artificial eyelashes are attached to natural hair with special glue. This is painstaking and in a sense jewelry work, which is performed using special tools.

What Are Silk Lashes?

These are thin and light eyelashes, they are ideal for girls with any type of natural eyelashes. Unlike standard extensions, silk is characterized by long-lasting effect and high quality.

Advantages of Silk Eyelash Extension:

  • Allow you to correct the aesthetic shortcomings of natural eyelashes: straight eyelashes acquire a seductive curve, short — the desired shape and length, blond hair — a rich shade.
  • Visually changes the eyes: corrects the shape, increases the incision, makes the look wide open, like star beauties on glossy covers.
  • Replaces daily mascara tinting, which is suitable for active woman, during traveling, before a planned vacation in the summer.

Who Are the Lashmakers?

 Professional eyelash extensions have recently become extremely popular — beauty studios and even ordinary hairdressers are trying to diversify their services. Masters and stylists who provide eyelash extension services are lash makers. It is easy to master this profession: many beauty salons and aesthetic centers organize courses where you can learn basic principles in a short time, learn ways and varieties of complex eyelash extensions, design, etc. Also, you can watch the video on our Instagram account @romabovamakeup_store to gain new knowledge too. If you buy clusters or individual silk eyelashes, you will manage to do the extension by herself. You just need to practice a bit and as a result you will get perfect look.

History of Eyelash Extensions

The history of artificial hair extensions is connected with the world-famous Max Factor brand, and specifically with the name of Max Factor, the founder of the company of the same name and a skilled makeup artist. As the lead makeup artist for the musical «Chicago», Max Factor figured out how to give natural eyelashes to actress Phyllis Haley, who plays the beautiful Roxy. To do this, he used the thinnest fringe of artificial cilia, which was glued to the base in a special way. The material was carefully attached to the upper eyelid. As a result, the audience was delighted with Roxy’s charming eyes, and the makeup artist thus caused a real revolution in the beauty industry.

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