4 Easy Steps for Eyelash Extensions Application At Home

Eyelash Extensions At Home

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You probably have been dreaming of the long, lustrous lash look without success. Have you ever tried to indulge in eyelash extensions? The exercise can enhance your natural eyelashes without the need for mascara. Have you ever ask yourself how acerbity gets luscious lashes? Sometimes you may worry why other people are having very beautiful and naturally placed eyelashes without getting the correct solution? Yes, read here to dig deeper.

1. Select the Right Lash Extensions

The finer the extensions are the more natural look. Don’t fret, do your own research and know what several people do fall for, then think deeply before you select between 8 mm to 14 mm eyelash extensions all through the eye to produce a thick lash line. Any small curly lash extensions fringe a natural look.

2. Apply a Suitable Adhesive to Your Lash

Start with applying for the extension into the adhesive, use Adhesive for longer lasting eyelash extensions. Gently sweep the ball with glue on it along the top of your lash to add glue along the top of it. Wipe off any excess glue before applying the lashes. Do not attach your lash to your skin. It irritates your eyelid for a day or so. Your lashes will grow out naturally and stick to your lashes but not your lid anymore. Repeat the process carefully as you place the next lash as close to the previous lash as possible. The closer the individual lash is together, the fuller and more natural they will look. That way, if a few fall off, you won’t be left with an empty spot on your face to refill.

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3. Set the Eyelash Application

As you apply your lashes, pull them down to rest on your actual lashes. Set the extension on the natural lash 1mm from the eyelid. With your tweezers closed, press your lashes into your lash line to ensure that they stick to your normal lashes. Ensure lash faces upwards and parallel to one another. Open the tweezers so that both the fake and real lashes are in between the prongs, then squeeze the tweezers prongs together so that your lashes stick to the fake lashes better. Once you apply, do not touch the extension. Move on to another eye and repeatedly implement extensions until it becomes difficult to isolate more organic lashes.

4. Ensure the Lashes Completely Dry

Once you apply lashes, don’t add any makeup for sometimes. Give it enough time to ensure the lashes are set completely dry. Two extension lashes should stick with each other. Use a set of lash tweezers to separate eyelashes extensions that are clump together. Never pull in the vertical route any rigidity lashes. Don’t touch or smash them when you sleep so that they stay natural. When you notice they are uneven, use a mascara wand to brush them out. After ensuring that all lash extensions are securely bonded, dry the newly adorned lashes for 5 minutes. Moisturize using distilled water, dry again for 3 minutes, and you are good to go.