What Makeup Products to Avoid With Lash Extensions?

Makeup to Avoid With Lash Extensions

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Some cosmetic products can conk out the glue in the lash extensions sooner than others. Cyanoacrylate tends to be a major ingredient in lash extension adhesives. You must be aware of the fact that likes attract however in the case of eyelash extensions, likes to dissolve.

Makeup products that don’t come in direct touch with the eyelashes, such as foundation or powder don’t have to be resisted irrespective of the chemical composition in them.

Makeup that comes in direct touch with the eyelashes like eyeshadow, eyeliner, make-up removers, and mascara is a strict no-no.


When it comes to eyeliner you must go for a gel-based eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner. You must strictly deter from wax-based ones. Almost all pencil eyeliners contain wax since it helps it clasp the skin on the eyelids and your eyelashes.

Removing the liner can result in lashes being pulled out. It can also leave residue from the liner and make-up remover in the lashes. A better alternative to using a liner is getting fuller lashes. They give you an illusion of liner.

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Almost all clients get lash extensions to forgo wearing mascara. Clients who opted for classic sets to add some extra drama or volume to the lashes should use a mascara that is water-based and oil-free.

Mascara for volume lashes is not recommended. Nonetheless, if you chose to apply an eyelash extension safe one, you must be gentle enough to not pluck them out while removing the mascara.

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Cream eyeshadows must be resisted. They tend to melt the adhesive making the lash extensions plummet. Powder eyeshadows are normally safe since they don’t touch the lashes.

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Makeup Remover

A lot of makeup removers tend to be oil-based. They must be evaded at any cost. These removers diminish the union between the natural lashes and the eyelash extensions, resulting in the extensions falling.

You must be mindful that wipes are not a favorable alternative for similar reasons. Lash cleaner or baby shampoo that is formulated precisely for the lash extensions is the best choice. These cleaners tend to be soft and gentle for the eyes however you must clean very well.

Avert from using q-tips or cotton pads and cotton balls to get rid of makeup because the cotton gets grabbed in the lash extensions and it can pull the lashes out.

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What Activities Must Be Avoided?

An extraordinary thing about lash extensions is they don’t infringe upon your everyday life. Swimming, sweating, and working out are totally fine. Having said that, some people rub and pick the lashes, sometimes maybe in sleep or absent-mindedly. Be mindful of not rubbing and touching your eyes. This can bring out the extensions.

The biggest way to protect the lash extensions is by limiting their deterioration. Other than the recommended brushing and washing the lash extensions shouldn’t be tampered with or played with.

Enjoy your eyelash extensions!

You look bright-eyed and have more time every day! Sounds good?