5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Bride Can Wear on Her Wedding Day

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Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable events that occurs in your life, so it is only natural that you would want to take time to carefully consider not just your dress, but your jewelry as well.

Once you’ve found the dress of your dreams, you can start the process of finding the right bridal jewelry to complement it. Jewelry is an excellent way to show your personality and accessorize so that you look perfect on that special day.

Below, we’ll outline five types of jewelry every bride can wear on her wedding day in style.

1. The Engagement Ring

This might be obvious, but your engagement ring is, arguably, the most important piece of jewelry that you will be wearing on your wedding day—at least until the wedding band is slipped on your finger.

It is important to remember that your engagement ring, because it is such a prominent piece of jewelry, takes on its own identity. That means it can be any color, shape, or size, as it will stand on its own regardless. Don’t feel the need to make your wedding day jewelry match the style of your bridal engagement ring; mix and match metal colors, or stay traditional. It’s your day, after all!

2. Earrings

Earrings are a must. If you have a fancy comb or a tiara, then you may want to stick to studs, so you do not take away from the jewelry in your hair. Make sure your jewelry is the same shape and a similar shade to all the other pieces you plan to wear.

You may want to consider long earrings if your hair is not pinned up, as you’ll want those beauties to be visible. Diamonds, pearls, and sterling silver can provide an elegant addition to your wedding day garb, or consider showing off your birthstone for a subtle pop of color.

3. Necklace

The neckline on your dress plays a large role in necklace length. You should not wear a necklace with an asymmetrical or halter neckline. Asymmetrical dresses are a statement themselves, and a necklace could look out of place and interrupt the flow. Instead, you want people’s eyes to move from your dress to your face and not come to a sudden halt where two shapes collide.

Scoop neck, V-neck, and low cut dresses are perfect for necklaces. If your dress has diamonds covering the area around your chest, then wear a shorter chain, so you give the dress a chance to shine before the eyes continue up to your face.

Make sure the necklace stones are the same shape as the ones on the dress. Mixing and matching color shades is fine, just as long as the dress is not full of stones and an accent piece on its own. You should wear a diamond necklace of the same color with dresses that have diamonds at the top of the dress.

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4. Additional Rings

It is perfectly fine to wear more than one ring—but do not overdo it. One on each hand is fine for the wedding dress. You can wear three during the wedding reception but keep in mind simple is better than looking gaudy.

Many people wear different jewelry during their wedding reception, so that is the perfect opportunity to switch to other jewelry you want to wear and avoid looking gaudy. Diamond cocktail rings are perfect for wedding receptions; some even go nicely with wedding dresses and can be worn down the aisle. Just make sure the shade and shape are similar to your other accessories.

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5. Bangles

Bangles are a great accessory and draw attention to your arms as people eyeball your up and down. Make sure the shape of your bangle coincides with your other jewelry; do not wear a square bangle when your necklace and earrings are circular. You can wear more than one but make sure they are a solid color and match in shape and as well. You can mix white gold and yellow gold, just make sure it is not overdone or taking the attention off your dress. If you are wearing gloves, then don’t wear bangles or bracelets.

EVER FAITH Austrian Crystal Costume Jewelry Art Deco Elastic Stretch Bracelet Clear Silver-Tone Everyone should accessorize their dress but is important not to get carried away. Make sure your guest’s eyes flow evenly from head to toe. You do not have to stick to traditional metals like gold and silver, or precious stones such as emeralds, diamonds or rubies; you can wear unique fine jewelry with semi-precious stones such as agate or topaz if you want. You do need to keep in mind that semi-precious stones are less durable than precious stones and it is recommended not to wear them for everyday use.

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Your wedding day is your day to shine—so don’t skimp on the jewelry!

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