What Kind of Beginner Sewing Projects Can I Make Money Off?

Make Money With These Beginner Sewing Projects

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Simply put, sewing is the act of using a needle and thread to repair, make, fasten or attach objects. For those skilled in sewing, there are many money-making opportunities available.

But what about the less initiated?

What kind of sewing projects can I make money off if I’m a beginner?

Besides learning, then selling, my sewing services, can I also create sewing projects that can be marketed and sold? Yes!

It seems there are several sewing products with a guaranteed market. These range from handbags, knitwear hats and scarves, to outdoor cushions you can use along with your vintage home décor.

The market is open to anyone! If you have a natural gift for sewing, you should seriously consider making money with your sewing. I know I am!

There are many places even online where you can sell your sewing projects. There are many sewing projects out there but here are the three easy and simple mini projects you can do from home and probably sell online. Master them and earn money!

Project 1: Cloth Bag

Homemade Sewn Fabric Tote Bags

Ever desired to give somebody a unique gift? Make a quick hold-all bag. We will guide you through how to go about that.

In this sewing project, we are going to make a printed fabric bag adorned with a bow. This simple project will help you make an original and personal bag:

What Do You Need?

Thread Tools

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  • Fabric (smooth or stamped)
  • Cord
  • Bow


  1. Choose the fabric that you like most and cut it into the shape you want. In this case, we will use a rounded shape and we will sew the top, the straightest part where the entrance of the bag will be.
  2. For the rope that will later to form the handles of the bag, we must make a few eyelets. You can make these grommets with the same sewing machine.
  3. When sewing an entire side of the bag, you must put a few pins so that the two sides of the bag don’t move. In this case, we are going to sew it on the outside to give it a more modern style.
  4. Once we have sewn all the fabric externally, we must cut all the leftover fabric that we might have remaining. We will cut slowly with a pair of scissors.
  5. Finally we will put the handle. You can use chains, ties, leather straps, etc. If you want, you can also add a small pocket, ties, letters or any other beads that decorate the exterior of the bag.

Project 2: Cooking Apron

Handmade Sewn Apron

This project is excellent for people who really know how to use a sewing machine, but it also works just as well for beginners. Here I will teach you how to make a custom kitchen apron:

What Do You Require?


  • Cloth or fabric cut into the shape of an apron (measures: 70 cm wide by 100 cm high)
  • 100 cm long fabric tape
  • One piece of cloth for the pocket of 30 cm wide by 40 high

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Thread Tools

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors


  1. First, cut the cloth or cloth to the shape of the apron using scissors.
  2. When you cut the fabric, you must create overlays so that the apron fabric does not fray. Sew Overlays on all the edges or contours except for those of the apron chest that will be sewn later with the tape.
  3. At the bottom fold the fabric about 3 inches to make the hem. Sew the hem with a straight stitch.
  4. Prepare the tape to bias. The tape to the bias is a tape that is folded and sewn to the edge of the apron.
  5. You can place this tape behind the neck; it is will hold the apron. Place it behind the neck and measure the height at which you want to have the breast of the apron. Mark it with pins.
  6. Sew the ribbon at the edge of the apron. Rounds the edges so that the seam does not open.
  7. Sew the tape to the bias folded both in the neck area and the ends without attaching them to the apron. These ends will make the belt to tie behind.
  8. We will then make a pocket using a piece of rectangular cloth. Sew a hem at the top and fold 1 centimeter in all the edges of the fabric. Sew the three sides of the pocket to the apron, leaving the top without sewing; this part will be the opening of the pocket.

Project 3: How to make a Pillowcase

I made pyjama pants and a matching pillowcase.
This is a quite simple sewing project. This is how you make a custom cushion cover with a sewing machine:

What Do You Need?


  • One piece of cloth 1 meter long
  • One piece of cloth 10 cm wide by 40 cm long
  • One blonde of 10 cm of width by 40 cm in length

Thread Tools

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

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  1. Make a hem at each end of the fabric. For this, we will use the sewing machine in the straight stitch mode. Fold the fabric in half and mark with a pin.
  2. Cut a piece of cloth of your preferred color depending on how you want to personalize the case. The size should be about 10 cm wide and 40 cm long. We do the same with the piece of blonde.
  3. We then put the two fabrics together and fix them with a few pins.
  4. Sew the fabrics to the sheath. For the normal fabric you can use a back and forth stitch, but for the lace a straight stitch will suffice.
  5. Center the fabric of the cover so that the decoration is as desired and the outer part of the fabric (the part that will be visible) is inward.
  6. A straight stitch is then made to close all the edges. It is important to go through the folds to avoid opening the stitch.
  7. Finally, we turn the corners and fill them up with the cushion.

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Case Studies

Besides showcasing what projects I personally used to make money off of my beginner skills, I want to present 2 case examples of successful sewers who have discovered their entrepreneurial skills by sewing.

Name: Irma A., 56 years old

Company name: Artistic clothing
Time on the market: 13 years

A terrible disease undermined her husband’s health and the financial crisis that followed left her and her four children virtually ruined when her husband died of a heart attack. It was then that she decided to start sewing women’s clothes. Some initial contracts allowed her to overcome this difficult situation and at the same time to start a small company that for 13 years sustained her and her family.

Name: Nelly S.

Company Name: Manufacturers Nelly
Market time: 4 years

Nelly S. is the owner of a sports apparel manufacturing company established four years ago. She decided to start it after going through a tough period of unemployment.

At some point, her brother seeing that she did not have a job showed her female underwear and asked if she could sew something like that.

After a full day dedicated to undoing and re-sewing the garment, she was able to do it.

That was enough to realize that her sewing skills could provide her with some good sewing projects and she turned them into a new opportunity to make money.

Now to you. What kind of beginner sewing projects have you done to make money off?

Make Money With Easy Sewing Projects

What Kind of Beginner Sewing Projects Can I Make Money OffMake Money With Easy Sewing ProjectsMake Money With These Beginner Sewing Projects

Make Money With These Beginner Sewing Projects