How to Care for Newly Dyed Hair

Hair Handiwork: How to Maintain Your First Dye Job

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Hair Handiwork: How to Maintain Your First Dye Job

It’s your first hair dye job. You’re looking and feeling great When you first leave the salon, and the color is fresh and vibrant. Now the job is yours to maintain that amazing look. Improper care of dyed hair is the leading cause of fast color-loss. Here are several tips you can use to help preserve and maintain your first hair dye color, and keep that salon look longer.

Don’t Shampoo!…Yet

Since it’s your first time dyeing your hair, you’ll want to wait at least 3 days before your next shampoo. The color needs time to set into your hair, and the first time even more so. The longer you go without shampooing, the longer the color has time to really blend with your hair. If you need to shampoo, try doing it less frequently, as every wash will fade the color. 

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A Simple Shower Cap Does Wonders

Whether you’re using shampoo or not, if your hair gets wet, the color will be pulled out. Regardless of how long you’ve had the color, use a shower cap if you’re not planning on washing your hair. 

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Wash with Cold Water

Just like warm water cleans dishes better, it will also fade your colors faster. Use a lukewarm or cold water on the days you shampoo to save as much color as possible. When you use warm or hot water, your hair molecules expand, letting the dye escape easily. Everyone loves a hot shower, but your new hair dye won’t. 

Go Sulfate-Free

Sulfates are common among mass-consumer shampoos. These sulfates often dry out hair as a way to make it feel clean. However, this same ingredient will also begin to strip the color. Keeping your hair follicles moist is key to preserving that beautiful color. Make sure to grab a sulfate-free shampoo. There are lots to choose from. 

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Eat Healthy

Now that you’ve got beautiful hair, it’s time to give your diet a makeover as well. Instead of unhealthy fats, try proteins that are rich in iron. Salmon, eggs, and chicken are just a few of the foods that will help strengthen your hair and tighten the bond with your colors. 

Remember that color is never permanent, but the right care and maintenance can preserve the look as long as possible. The higher quality color your stylist uses, the longer the color will last as well. If the colors in your hair still seem to be fading faster than your stylist suggested they would, you may want to look into a hair loss solution with hair building fibers, as this can be signs of unhealthy hair follicles.

How to Maintain Your Dyed Hair