5 Ways To Change Your Style

change your style

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Your look can affect your mood and how others perceive you, so if you’re not satisfied with it, why not learn how to change your style and make the real you pop again. 

It is not a secret that people are judged on their appearance, they even do it to themselves, and that drives them to look for a different style, but where to start?

1. Define Your Look 

The principle of step on the way to change your look is to start by knowing what your style is.

What do you want your aesthetic to look like, will determine what products and clothes you get, what to toss away, and where to focus on.

You can start to figure it out with a visual board of your style icons, you can also browse magazines and collect clipping for inspiration. 

Once you have created a concept of your style, try out clothes, color, makeup, and see how it all looks on you. 

2. Get your Makeup Done or Revamped 

Makeup can be incredibly powerful, a few touches can change a face and a style, so it will be key in your transformation. 

Going to a makeup studio to get a professional look done can show you what products and techniques suit you better. 

Explore with new makeup trends and give your toolkit a 180º for a more complete change of style. 

3. Go Shopping 

Clothes are a huge part of your style, so an excellent long shopping spree might be for you. 

Get started by retaking your measurements, a lot of people are walking around wearing the wrong size clothing and screwing up their whole look. 

Here is a short summary of your basic clothing needs: 

  • Casual shirts, dresses, and bottoms 
  • Noncasual outfits 
  • Coats 
  • Shoes 
  • Accessories  

Try on your whole closet before going shopping, keep what works and donate/sell what you can, now you can build a wardrobe from what you have left. 

Not all your clothes need to be new, giving vintage clothes shopping a chance can help you find unique pieces that stand out and are easier on your pockets. 

You can also take inspiration from trends or just start by adding small outfit changes until you feel confident you found your style. 

4. Get a Haircut 

It’s one of the most significant ways to change your style, it can make you look completely different than before. 

Remember you it’s hard to hide a bad haircut, so be sure what you go for compliments you face and the rest of your ensemble. 

5. Be Comfortable 

Your style is going to be a reflection of you, it will display whatever message you choose, so make sure you are comfortable with what it’s saying.

Experiment or test your limits with trends and styles, but make sure the end result is something you feel at ease wearing, and don’t let your look wear you

Being comfortable in your style is the final piece of the puzzle to make it all work. 

If you don’t have that confidence, then it all falls flat. So, learn to change, love, wear, and believe in your new style! 

5 Ways To Change Your Style